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In this social media challenges any common sense at all. The lacking. Challenge. Where are you supposed to brandish your gun at someone and then they're they're packing? They brandish back. See their packages. I don't need to see if. Well, that's because you don't pack. I guess if you were a Packer known if you were a Packer, you'd know. And in this case somebody. Got shot and killed. It's bound to happen. Boehner candidate number two. So wait, the two of you had death close. I want to know what the death clothes are some loose-fitting comfy. You know, prepare to meet your maker put on your debt clothes and then boater candidate number three. Oh my gosh. She had fun dancing adorable with high school friends. This is all you've got on on on. Well, even even if it's not all that God that they think that this is damning this humanized her this. This may people go. He's. And again, I don't know what you guys are. So afraid of with her. Well, she's all the right? It's just they're they're they're just constantly handles the criticism beautifully. She doesn't attack back. She just kind like, get whatever. Yeah. Yes. And whatever. Care. She. Yeah. She's pretty good. I I it's like that aditorial that I can saw and I mentioned sometime ago. Go ahead Eleni Molyneux's just sweep us all the way. Please. It's time sweep us away return. I don't understand this message from the producers booth because really. Because the count was initially that you sent me right number one had one, right? But we sent you that number three had one because up until the last minute. I see what you do number three was in the lead. But it did not actually in fact, when I know the numbers here say that number one at one, right? But it got it. It started to spread even further. Okay. So anyway, number one. What's lacking is the social? There.

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