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Click on the resources for new Yorkers box on the homepage seventy six degrees in Central Park remaining cloudy through the night more thunderstorms expected later today with a high of eighty seven and that's what's happening with sports flashes at the top of the hour hi Mike McCann listen to WFAN anytime anywhere download the radio dot com app favorite us today and if you have a smart speaker just say play WFAN when you were back driving to and from work listed in your car to the NGO morning six to ten but New England Roberts afternoons from two PM to six PM followed by Mike francesa for a full hour from six PM to seven PM exclusively on your flagship station for New York sports fans sports radio one oh one nine FM sports radio sixty six WFAN and WFAN FM New York all radio dot com sports station we did all we could talk to you take your goals read your tweets and handicrafts and recap the week was two years old he met rolled along on a Saturday night get together here at CBS sports radio Jedinak company alive from the rocket mortgage by quicken loans studios the the county times rocket mortgage to help if you need mortgage assistance contact their team twenty four seven at rocket mortgage dot com from their home to yours the team at rocket mortgage is with you with us to talk some NBA return is one of the best in the business he writes a NBA for the ringer these days I know he's involved at least one probably two or three at a hundred and seventy eight podcasts that during a put out every single week we'll find out which of the award winning ones that is John good dollars from during a joins us here on CBS sports radio how are you going to tell your story great to talk to you thank you for listening to each check heat check now what don't you pump the other ones as well sure yeah I mean it all depends on what's happening but he checked in the one that I so right five W. on there yes you do since I have not made an appearance yet work connect a guy but I know I heard yeah somebody others do so that's why I said what I did because you guys all do a great job on your podcast and.

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