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Yeah and i was like no he got it the wrong way rounded he he sets an example a friend of mine said years ago he was going to buy khan and said what are you gonna get he was getting some fucking japanese i know nothing about cause some japanese and i and i said why don't you get because at the time there was electric causing the summer there has now said why don't you get prius we said why anderson because you have kids to kids got five hundred nine year old i don't care not leading care about kids you just know i'd rather get a car now that burns fuel and and the kids will what about lay that breaks my heart and it keeps me up awake at night that's that's why i drive a prius good feeding a great i'm surrounded by presses this was like your tesla now for you though jerry by well here's potman spaceship wrote rosie have you been in a tesla yes or amazing fast but the too fast i think those are too dangerous you press the thing it's like your fucking on a roller coaster it's space mountain at disneyworld fuck that we don't need to be that fast i have a big truck wasn't expensive truck is it a gas guzzler is a great for the you know the environment probably not but until preists are tesla or someone designs a fuck and truck where i feel like i'm driving if someone hits me i'm not going to implode i'm not going to drive your prius i feel safe in my fuck and drew my i'm not gonna get killed test unless kids.

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