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Is julie instructed jeered of you'd people nervously in so awkwardly that they were carrow road into giving monosylabic answers he also never miss an opportunity to talk about herself who brutal reviewed that it is gene first outing from mega now what's the news is going to be politics free politics furry but that was her stick that's what she did for years on fox thing they brought her over big oh she was ito politics and went after trump and now now they wanna make aren't the counter the you know the the soft of cookiecutter kind of a show host over there embassies megan kelly bad reviews look at philly day one first day how is on day one over here i'm gonna right and one pretty well highway anger right data was better of course what does he had to use to say the that's toothy have you had a bad mother that's what tuesday so meg it's going to try to tune up over there on nbc at nine o'clock megan kelly you know that i did watched that the morning shows which i never get to watch the morning television shows because you're busy on the radio listener glancing up assured the catch something here or there but they're really more entertainment the meditate mitchell's that's what they become yoga and they got who's on over on abc stray hint michael stray he adds nothing to the show nothing sit there now laughed a little bit frozen something that's that's all run abc's cbs's got what they do the most news of anybody they do charlie rose when he's away in a way he's actually he's pretty good but nbc will let me see lead the pack then they show still very strong here it is yes so very strong here although they be c is on their tail but the megan kelly i don't know if she's gonna be right for that but she says no politics yesterday the review for the washington post it was like watching the brunt bride of frankenstein they don't know what they want to do that tv there that's tv it can be.

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