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Up now. Westbound four from the Selma connector into two seventy five also building up south on a two seventy five from Fowler in the Hillsborough. Avenue washer utility were blocking south on MacDill El pronto still in pretty good shape on the eastbound Howard Franklin bridge. It's about eight minutes from the Kennedy. We're up to speed on the sellman into downtown. Pretty smooth ride on the southbound sent coast Parkway veterans expressway combo, daisy ash, NewsRadio nine seventy W F L. Record heat expected again today with a high of ninety two degrees. It's seventy four degrees at NewsRadio nine seventy WFL. A President Trump says he wants to hear the tapes if they exist which have the recording of the alleged gruesome, torture and murder of Washington Post writer, Jamal kashogi. Trump is getting briefed by secretary of state, Mike Pompeo this morning. Turkish authorities claim to have recordings that groove. Kashogi was killed by a team of Saudi assassins. I'm not sure yet that it exists. Probably does possibly does. The president says those tapes will be the focus of the first question. He asked secretary of state Mike Pompeo today Pompeo returned to the US last night. From a fact finding mission in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Lauren Podesta reporting new survey out about the midterms. And it shows that the Democrats still have an advantage over Republicans. Experts say the GOP isn't resonating as much today as it did two years ago because Republican issues are out. Out of favor, for example, fifty four percent of likely voters like ObamaCare and fifty eight percent voters say healthcare overall as extremely important compare that to just forty four percent saying taxes are important and forty five percent favoring the GOP tax cut. The only major issue that has clear Republican support is border security, but then again, seventy percent of likely voters favor a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who are currently working in the west trace Gallagher reporting Gulf county has confirmed a death it blames on hurricane Michael. The sheriff's office says they found seventy year old Bill McConnell near his home. His truck was discovered in a Marsh behind the home and his body found. Nearby officials needed an air boat to recover him. Meanwhile, four more bodies were recovered in bay county in the Mexico beach area where the storm made landfall last week the death toll from hurricane Michael in Florida's now Twenty-three Tampa Bay Lightning fans now have. Chance to help hurricane victims. If you're going to tonight's lightning game against the Red Wings at Emily arena. You're encouraged to bring a box of granola bars with you or pal about a jar of peanut butter so toothpaste baby wipes. The lightning has partnered with pods moving and storage to collect items for hurricane Michael victims in the panhandle. So before tonight's game. There will be a big storage pod on Ford. Thunder alley to collect these items which will be transported to the panhandle later this week. Sharon, Parker, NewsRadio nine seventy WFL. A new report out about just how long people will live. Researchers at the university of Washington in Seattle say the average life span of an American now is about seventy nine years by twenty forty. That's only going to increase to roughly eighty years dragging down. The average is the expanding opioid crisis heart disease and respiratory disease. The study says other countries are going to be faring much better than the US when it comes to launch. In the future like Spain. Which is expected to have the longest living people in the world going on to be an average of eighty six years old. They attribute that to a healthy Mediterranean diet.

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