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He begs me. Good morning in Turkey, president urged ones. This alliance has lost control of now, the key cities in Venus up election. Plus the opposition is pulled ahead in a close race in the country's largest city. Istanbul Turkey has been hurt by a recession and Erdman's. Critics accuse him all fronting an increasingly authoritarian system. A pro European Union anti corruption has won a landslide victory in Slovakia's presidential election, making her the country's first female head of state. Bloomberg's Michael Winfrey says this is a blow to nationalist down to reshape how the block works as right wing leaders from Poland to Italy or mounting an uprising against further integration before the EU holds parliamentary elections in may the victory of Zuzana chiampou Tova signaled at least in this small your area country, both strong support for the blocks liberal democratic values and anger against. Established parties in practice. Michael winfrey. Bloomberg daybreak Europe in Ukraine TV comedian Vladimir Zielinski will face a runoff against the accumbens leader, petro Poro shaneco this month. Bloomberg's Darena crushed Nolet. Scott reports the forty year old Kumyk with no political experience was backed by thirty point six percent of waters compared with seventeen point eight percents percent in the first round exit. Polls showed risky who plays a fictional. President on TV has successfully taken his rivals over the nation's endemic corruption in cave. Bloomberg daybreak Europe and New Zealand's. John Cinderella innocent China looking to bolster ties after a series of incidents that cost out on the strength of the country's economic partnership. Bloomberg's Karen Lee has more. She was welcomed by Chinese Premier Li ka Chiang in Beijing and a scheduled to meet with president Xi Jinping later today. This is first visit as prime minister to China New Zealand's, miss important trading partner and comes as the South Pacific nation pushes to upgrade its free trade agreement something she's expected to raise during the trip. In Hong Kong. Karen Lee, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Global news twenty four hours a day on Erin took on Twitter by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and. Enlist symbol, the one hundred and twenty countries. I'm Dan Karen's. This is Bloomberg Anna Edwards. Thank you very much now with the morning sports update. His William as Liverpool Viacom on top of the Premier League there. Two points. Clear of Manchester City after two one victory over Tottenham yesterday. The winner Kim after to Oliver turn the ball into his own net. Never pull monitor your club says.

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