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In a way where it was really really complicated. Well an involved concept. Should i say with such beautiful clothes. Yeah the most talked about moment of the week. I'd say pretty much undeniably was damnest. Red carpet come movie. Premiere com simpson's surprise. And and you and i spent some time with them to after he was taking congratulations from everybody. Everybody in not you know really organic cocktail party. That kind of just emerged very organically after the show in the same way that it might if you had gone to see theater with some friends or you know gone to a film and you'll had drinks after and it just kind of culminated into this really joyous moment and i i remember talking to them nine saying you know you look really happy. And he said i am and it just showed like there's something really freeing for him about stepping outside that berry strict structure of that television studio on the outskirts of paris that he had kind of stuck to right. From the beginning of balenciaga. He broke the formula. Yeah i but he he wanted. He said he wanted everyone to be happy down. You know he wanted to make people happy. I mean it's kind of a i mean. Cohen says something very similar that he wanted to bring happiness. After the time. I mean he obviously doesn't a very different way. But i'm demining wanted but at the same time you know. He is so the layers if you wanna if you wanna make a statement about distancing the the whole notion of having this film premiere that the collection being launched as if it was on the red carpet of assume premium. We sat in the auditorium like you do at the oscars award show. Whatever you want your rivals. You're watching a rivals on the red carpet. And that was his collection. Arriving him with the guest. That was all about it. That was all about a distance and then showing the simpsons that was also bad distances. While you know so kind of maintaining the essence of this isolated time that will be living through but then also bridging with this kind of this similarity these sort of iq these iconic figures like cartoon characters. They're not real but at the same time that being part of everybody's lives just thirty years so just superclub i but also more than super clever was so and so adorable. Dec- lisa and maggie walking down a cat walk in and see it was also a commentary yet completely isolate and that's what. He excels that. I thought it was funny as usual. Trolls came out and started. Firing off the troll. Esque bob's about him. But i think it was some transcendent easily bubalo. That now he's risen about all of that. Yeah actually there was some really great clothes the collection as well when you came down to earth from the simpsons. No i mean. I think there are some really. What's come to be kind of dam. Neck classics balenciaga collection. But there were also some evolution with the accessories. You know i'd had buyers and kind of department store executives talking to me about the bags and the boots and so it was clearly resonating on a product level as well so you know he managed to achieve everything with that show. You know in my conversation with him for the show. We spent a bit of time talking about over consumption in the luxury industry. And how it kind of propels this need to buy more and more stuff and so we talked about that. And then we saw at the louis vuitton show An extinction rebellion protester managed to get almost all the way down. What was a very long runway..

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