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I think you must play seriously but you must see how fun so i was just trying to make them understand that in the end of the day. If you're gonna play if you're gonna practice if you're gonna do anything to do you gotta do with joy and with like happiness your car. You'll you'll heart. I'm not sure in the last time. I told you this was but they still call by the nicknames. You gave them kid. Thomas a really good shooter. You call them kyle korver. He still goes by that crazy. 'cause that game happened back in february. That's months ago but the impact that you had on them is still going on to this day. And it's going to go on further and they're always gonna remember. You is being okay. I had so much fun. Playing with nico all those months ago all those years ago. I always do that man. I was l-. Like when i when i step in court and i see somebody i try. I just trying to make him feel better. Feel better from yourself because she can go play better if he feels good. He's gonna be even better and if he won't any any just playing basketball. What do i need it sometimes. So what is definitely going back to dirk. As in terms of his career was their game limiting. Your favorite player was gradual thing. I think it was a gradual thing. Because i m b drizzle journey using so at the time. I was so young. I didn't know a lot of things about the nba. I just know. I just knew lebron james. Mj and some some a couple of players more. So i don't know. I didn't even know who digging bitchy was but i always jersey so i don't know i was like maybe maybe ten and i just looked at google so and i still couple of like i saw a couple of plays about him and i was like king nice that i've been after been after that like i. Just keep taking on mencia. What his game and story how he gained from the second division in germany and went to the states and bladed began franchise spare. I the first play do it. Then after yannis do the same thing like such a unique story such unique player. I was like yeah. He's my favorite player. It's so awesome. You a fan of him just for such a long time at and seeing his career progress. What was it like for you seeing his entire career culminate with winning a championship in two thousand eleven man. Bro was hard for me. Because like i guess the broad james yeah you say was stub. But i. I want to be honest. I wanna lebron thinks to win but doesn't just dig. Novitsky claimed waking the way he played like was such a mazes series. Took up sorta amazing so amazing. Where the data's my like Till the miami heat well up to this day man. I can never forget the lebron james and we were laughing because he said he was sick and the next game he killed them. He filled them. Bow out now and i was like. Yeah he knots in maitland. Komo dirk is nice. Nice for sure. So once i go see brawny. James and sierra canyon play against i was a crazy game and i remember i. We went super last minute..

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