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I mean, there are teas that you can put on your dog and the people do there. Dokes booties which is very important because when it is so so cold dangerously cold like that you have to protect those pools. Okay. But what can you do in places like this to enrich you'll Doug ready for crazy idea? Okay. I once create days too crazy crazy indoor park core. Okay. Indoor park Eric's raises all about indoor par. Okay. So as a certified canine fitness trainer. Yes. That's a real thing. I love to do some fitness. And it doesn't have to be crazy doesn't have to be so regimented. But what I'm talking about? Here is if you do allow your dog on the furniture. So again, we're we're not turning into romper room as my dad would say, but what we can use. We can take some treats and we can lure your dog into different positions. And I know it sounds a little lame. But it can be cool can your dog just put to pas up on the couch. What about the back paws up on the couch? Can we go on the couch off the couch on the bed off the bed? Can they sit down stand or spin on these? These different surfaces. Do you have an Ottoman turning your living room into a little bit of a dog park in an organized way? So we're not just saying we get the zoom. He's all over the place. But if you want to go downstairs to the basement, and do this you have one specific room. This is something we can do to implement a little bit of fitness. You can ask your dog to do these things repetitively. So if you ask your dog to sit and and then get them into a stand or toss a treat. So they get back from this it ten times in a row that is tiring and your dog has to work and engages their brain, it engages their muscles. And you'll be surprised how difficult that is. I see so many puppies in group classes by the end of the group class, they won't sit anymore and people think oh my gosh. We've just been working on this behavior for so long. Why won't you sit because the puppies tired? Yeah. His little muscles are tired. So if you have a big dog, if you've got a really athlete dog, you can do multiple sets and reps of these sits and downs and transitions, but that's the crazy. Okay. So what about people who say, well, my dog suppose on my so far? I don't want them to learn how to get up. On my sofa. What are you saying Allie? I I've seen that. We can we can make arrangements. But I allow my dog on the bed and on the couch. You know, he's not gonna come the boss. He's not going to do all these things. He he's going to go to the show. I would I thought that when dogs are on the bed or on the sofa. They suddenly become top dog. No s looking for the comfy a spot there. And why I say it as a fitness trainer is because we're looking for an uneven surface because it makes it more difficult. Can we do this on the flat floor? Of course, we can we probably wanna use a rug or carpet or a mat of some kind because we don't want the dog to slip on the hardwood. If we're asking him for these different positions. But is something that we can do on the bed or if you don't want your dog up on the better on the couch. You can use some cushions or just a towel or something else to do these different positions. Say fitness, isn't your thing. Or maybe you have mismatched Bella if Bella I don't fitness may, not be her strong, suits. She's not the most agile. She's still because how buddy so long. She looks like one of these into a stories. You said it was it used swing slinky the dachshund is. So I think she looks like a dandy demain on. She says she does she she's or she could be pumped Basset hound. I don't know. She is the most bizarre, and we always say that if you uh two five year old child to draw a dog, they would Joel Bella. And then the teacher would go. Oh, that's very sweet doesn't it?.

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