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And welcome back to coast to coast this hour. We're back with Sarah Hannah her book mood topa, Sara. Where do we get your book? It's available all over the internet. You just have to put it in a search bar, and he got hundreds of places to buy it from choper. Let's talk about more of these herbs for your attitude than we'll go to phone calls as well. We're we're talking about that blue vein, and you mentioning that's good for anxiety. Good for panic. Good. Frank diety. You know, there's an herb called rodeo LA rodeo is one of the most studied herbs it's used all the time in Russia. It's given athletes that need that little bit of boost and they need to calm the system down at the same time. So when you think about an athlete, they need to have power and energy, but they also need to be calm, and relaxed. What would y'all shines in that area? And a lot of people that have had chronic illnesses and a recovering from it do very well with an herb called row hauled. Rodeo LA passion flower. What does that do passion flower? It's one of the most stunning flowers. Everyone has to go on the internet right now and search out that flower. I mean, it's so gorgeous to look at passion flower helps with insomnia. It's not our strongest herb for insomnia, but it really helps to calm the system down. After a stressful overwhelming exhausting day, you can take some passion flower around dinnertime repeated again about two hours later, and then take it again. Right before you go to bed it's calming and soothing, and you don't have that hang over feeling in the morning that you can with sleeping pills. Roseola is that the same as what you just mentioned rodeo. Yes, we just discussed that one wonderful and lavender lavender now eleven or so interesting because we all know of lavender as in the central oil, and lavender is also used in tea form, and it's also used in teacher form it helps when you get that sadness, and you get stuck you know, when you're deciding should I quit my job. Not quit my job. Should I stay in this relationship? Should I not stand this relationship when you feel stuck medicines not going to get you out of that rut, you need to speak to a good friend, get a mentor and take some lavender it kind of opens up that heart calm the system down and lets you see what you need your next step to be or how about rose. This is interesting, isn't that? So interesting so roses are amazing. All rose pedals are edible. Now. I'm not saying you can go to your local flora. Because there's so many pesticides. But if you're out in the woods, and there's rose very very high in vitamin c rose water is used roses central roses used throughout the world. Not as much in America. We do give it to people. That are sick. We give it to people we love. But the herb Rosen. You take it inside. It really helps with broken hearts. Now, we all get broken hearts. I mean, my heart was smashed all over the place when I was experiencing the what my daughter went through. But even just little things your neighbor can say something wrong to you, your best friend can say something hurtful, you get that pain in your heart. You feel it's a little bit broken rose is an incredible herb, and it's available for all of us. Okay. Valerian so Larry, and that's another very well studied herb used a lot again in Russia, and that really calms the system down. It's what. The medicine valium was originally made from it's amazing it works. So well, sometimes it puts people to sleep. So it's very commonly used for as a sleep aid. Can you mix it with passion flower? Of course, you can. But a lot of my clients take. They don't feel tired at all. It's so funny that you're saying it, I had a client. She calls me three times a year. Here's her conversation are HANA. Yeah. I don't know if I've really ever discussed this with you. I'm like, uh-huh. She's like, you know, I I'm just feeling like depressed and down. I'm like, oh is this a new feeling, you know, so HANA like everything's fine in my life. I'm getting along with my husband. I don't know what it is. And I always laughing inside. I'm like, well, can you go to your cabinet and see if you have an herb they're called Valerian? She goes Valeria goes. Yes, here's goes. What do I use it for? I'm like this exact situation. She takes it for about a week. She calls me. And she goes, oh my gosh. I feel so much better. I'm like, I know we've been doing this for years. So what happens is when you are in that kind of desperate state. And you take these herbs they feel better. And they get you out of the rut. And then when you're feeling better, you just kind of forget to take 'em, George so people say to me, can you get addicted to these herbs, and I'm like, we live such busy lives. Once you're feeling less. Sad less frustrated feeling more in control. You're going to forget to take it. You're going to go off of it on your own. And then boom, you gotta remember. It's there when you feel it again, why do why do we need the herbs? Why can't we just do it within ourselves because we have chemicals flooding around us all the time people that are living in big cities. We've got hormonal disruptors in the pesticides in our food. We've got small we've got traffic. I mean, not everybody's living in rural areas. And you know, we all need a little hand holding herbs had been used for thousands of years. There used all over the world who did a study. And I'm not quoting it. Exactly. But it was something like they interviewed women outside the US. And like eighty five percent of people worldwide were using herbs and didn't even think of it as herbs. Oh, when your adolescent time, you take this. Herb Peri menopause. You take this herb. So we as Americans have just lost this guest. And the reason we need them because life is hard. George bad things happen to good people things happen at work things happen. A relationships your heartbeat faster. You become nervous and these herbs just calm down. I mean, it's kind of like, you know, Sleepytime t that's an herb. I mean, you sit down at the end of the day put some Sleepytime t in a Cup. You put some Honey in it. And he usually feel better Americans don't have ti- time. We don't have that in our culture anymore. And it's here for a storage. I mean, you asked me why do people need it? Why are one out of five people on psychotropic meds? We're struggling. We are struggling there's no question about it. Now, do doctors appreciate the fact that you bring them these alternatives. Well, I have a lot of doctors that our clients, and they'll come in to me and say there is no way I'm going on medication. There is no end going to the side. Let's give herbs at try. And you know, sometimes you have to experiment with herbs centers you have to try different combinations. It's not like the first herb you're gonna take like magic, boom. I'm better play around with it for a little bit. You may need to take more of a dose less of a dose. Some people need to take it once a day twice a day. But once you find your herbal combination. It's there for you. It's on your shelf. It's in your briefcase is in your backpack. And I would love to say that, you know, deep breathing. Meditating positive information is enough. But my office is flooded. It's not enough people come in to me and say, deep breathing. I'm lucky if I can take breast in between all my clients at work. So the herbs I mean, it's just like food think of herbs. As food you need onions, you need garlic. You need lettuce except romaine right now, you need cucumbers, you need green beans. These are all plants that grow in those plants make us feel stronger. So if you're in an emotional state, for instance, you're hormonal and grumpy and depressed, there's an herb called mother war with just kind of calms it down takes that black cloud away. And then there's all these trace vitamins and minerals 'cause it's a plant food that gives your body nutrition. So whenever you take herbs for emotional stress. You're also getting vitamins and nutrients to make you feel stronger and re- revitalize you now with everything that's been going on in this planet. These days do you find or what do you find to be the most pressing issue that you would like to fix if you could you mean with my clients emotionally with people in general? I mean, I think depression is really big I feel people had a lot of money, and they were depressed and don't have enough money, and their depressed and don't have enough Instagram followers. And you know, what I'm saying? Like, I find that. There's this lack of satisfaction in the world were not having so much interaction with people like we used to families are shrinking and disintegrating. So that's what I feel is is really going on. I mean, that's why in the book mood topa, besides her which you can tell I'm so passionate about talk about things like random acts of kindness because when you're in a state of feeling sad and gloomy you need to go out there and work in a soup kitchen. I mean, it's great that every buddy doesn't on thanksgiving. But you need to do it more. And when we get caught up in. We don't have enough were not as successful. We're not doing what we wanna do. If you go out there and help people all of a sudden, you realize you have a lot more than you. I thought you did. All right. Let's go to the phones cities with us in San Li Andro California, first time caller. Hey said, hey, George. You did a good job with San Leandro. That's that's right. Thank you. In fact, you were here about six years a theater breast. What the way that you took time to let everybody come by and shake your hand. Then at tap. If you with you, thank you for that. Sure thing. What I want to say is that I worked in psychiatry as a psychiatric technician for thirty nine years on lock units. And I want to commend the young lady. I think really knowing what she's talking about. I I think there's a lot that they said. Are trying to turn to things that she's talking about before you get two for the more severe forums that depression or are different types of mental illness going through the medications, I I can tell you for sure without a doubt. That's there are there are forms of depression. Of course, gets a perennial manic depression. Manic depressive illness that the person that families going through that are in very dangerous situations and and the medication. All I can say thank God. All the people who work many, long hours in laboratories developing of it. Because there there's really what if when you get to a really dangerous situation with with patients there. There's no real substitute for getting under things control with that. And I know that a lot it's bad these days. Dangerous a dangerous antidepressant. In fact, let me just say that there are a couple of things associated with that. I hear a lot about adolescence. Not only don't work. They're very dangerous are are with anybody. They're very dangerous. The bad thing about it is a lot of people here when it comes to psychiatry. You're not talking about a normal kind. Of course. I'm staying the very obvious. You're not talking about the normal kind of illness..

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