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The end of every show every Saturday, our engineer Gary Actually titles each segment so you don't have to listen to all three hours. He posts the podcast and breaks it down into topics and segments. So there's one thing we covered that you want to hear again or that you missed. You can just isolate right straight to that segment and get all the pertinent information. Get yourself caught up to speed. Just that easy. The website is, uh An owner's manual for owning a home in Arizona. It's got The questions were asked here on this show for the last 33 years and all the answers, so don't do anything without Don't touch your house without touching Rosie on the house first, like miles In a surprise who was approached by a gimmick to install it. His house there was all I needed to ask him was three or four questions. And Absolutely could recommend without a shadow of a doubt. I am not to spend money on that particular item. So that's what we're here for. To eliminate the mistakes you could make. Those of you know that I was an accident A couple years ago in the Sheriff's department that showed up gave me a medal that said, We save you from yourself for 40 years. Well, that's kind of what we do here. Rosie on the house do is we save you? From falling for all the gimmicks. That are out there. That you will never see a return on investment. You considering something. Give us a ring. During the show or sickness and inquire and Rosie on the house dot com and I'll let you know I'll put my 50 years of Arizona home building and remodeling toe work for you. At your house for.

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