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This was in the brand spanking new giant stadium after seventy six seventy seven giants team completely brand new and huge moved to giant stadium the only people that ever played there with the giants which i think then it was seven games so we were you know pretty virgin territory over there and the the stadium wasn't attraction factor absolutely and the the early brothers and steve ross j m it ruffy delessio had they had a big vision they had a big big vision to become the best team in the world they were they were trying to create what we now kind of have at man city or chelsea of a year ago or rail madrid you know the the greatest team in the world and when you when you move to you got pele we made the playoffs in seventy six unfortunately bounced out i think it was the first round by by the beginning of seventy seven the rumors were all over the place that we were not done signing big names and then you know beckenbauer comes can now you comes there there was a froth which was created not for marketing purposes not just be just for the heck of it by by warner but because they wanted to have the greatest team or they wanted to have the greatest stars it was a company of stars and whether it was lightning in a bottle or just a critical mass by spring of seventy seven it was pretty clear that big.

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