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Feels like Gioja Diocese. Go after I've been talking to her and pushing hurts I keep. I'm an owner and push out whatever. Come after. He's going to get angry. Did this conversation motivate you at all to speed up? Whatever divorce proceedings? You're yeah I mean. We're working on them. So you're working on. Send them a paper. Sign reasonably seem keys procrastinator. She's because we want to touch his can prolong the inevitable. You might as well start what somebody else do. The dirty work for you and disadvantages. But I can't the headline for me one of the headlines from this reunion for me. Is Everybody's opinions about Joe Dyson? The marriage and everything. I feel like now that he's deported. An out and this is all behind them. People are really speaking well. It's because she's come out with how she really feels about things so before that you couldn't speak to her nor did you want to write. Someone still loves her husband and wants to believe whatever they want to believe. You keep your real friends will shut their mouth. You're a really good friend to her. All right let's go to jody from Denver. Hey Jodie what's your question. Hi Andy my questions for Dolores Dolores. If David had an ex wife that was living with him and hanging out with him all the time would you be okay with that was nice to me? Yes I would. All right she gives you a soak bath. Yes listen this is that is lackluster. Wow Okay let's go to Mackenzie from Baton Rouge. Hey Mackenzie what's your question. Hey anti allowing KC Kasem so excited so excited that question out of all of the broader Leopardi's and housewives. You Always About Shush. What's the most he's ever had with them in person awkward? Yeah most awkward interaction with the housewife. Honestly I've had good interactions. I just met Nina for the first time and I thought we walked away. Great friends after our one minute meeting. Okay I had a bad one. Tamra Judge Barney judge sent me a ton of vary nasty. Dm's ones okay. But then after she could be on the podcast show. Yeah Yeah exactly. Wow gymnasts wants. Which House do you wish you could have played on? Snl My God. Oh I only Morgan. So yeah what you guys that. The live shows for her podcast bitch. Sash Casey elevates the art of the by staging dramatic reenactments of how I've seen so I want to honor her with something. She'll cherish more than Tony. Having Delors Catania Ya'll interface. It's time to visit the clubhouse playhouse. See we'll play Danielle style. Dolores will be. Dolores you two will be recreating a scene from the New Jersey season. Eight episode four. Casey you never spoken about Teresa. There was something you did say to me about. Why you said to me about Teresa Tree citizen care about anything or anyone or anything the money you mother lying? I never said that you do more. It's the truth you're crazy. Scumbag gone how. Okay no deloris. I am not welcome back scumbag. Things don't change no ulterior motive. I have nothing to gain fryer crazy personality quiz theresa..

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