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Blue Cross Blue shield of jersey, Novo Nordisk and the American dairy association. Jerry recco. Joe Boylan review from Iraq. And it seemed like anytime Rutgers had a little bit of a of a spark during the second half. Maryland had the answer as they lead fifty to thirty two Marilyn started over three and then five out of six putting a couple three. Roy hard to come back against a team that could score with the size. They have as easy as they can. Maryland, just had you play relax. You got a twenty point lead. You don't feel that. Sure. If you're Maryland, you don't feel what games can overcome that. They don't feel. They can come back, and they're really playing relaxed. Gene is really done a great job when he gets ball in the post up. And that type Smith what the official says, what am I supposed to do because you gene, really leaned into Muslim? And the last time he made a basket in the post position. I thought he might have committed a foul at that time. He just great move because he spun and he got Smith on the ground. So he couldn't use his length or size. First free. Throw is no good for you. Gene. Who is at sixty six percent coming in one for two earlier, it's seventeen points, five rebounds. I went over main a week ago. You know, someone had asked me for Maryland before the game or what your thoughts are coming into this. The fact that Rutgers is one of if not the only team in the conference play this you think that that was a detriment for them. As opposed to everybody else playing mid-week game. I think we have a game. Like this. You could say that. But you know, Rutgers is a hit thirteen six to eight trope. They played really well the first ten minutes of the game. Goes out the window. Yes. All Marine One two. He's out shack quarterback in Cowan porno wide open threes. This time MRs from an open spot Johnson the rebound Longley pass McConnell one on one. With my Allah tries to take on any wolf Bank it in Allah flop nothing that it's fifty to thirty five rutger's within seventeen as McConnell knocks in the short jumper. Rutgers in his own now. Marcel has it on the rack logo nearside quarter chord. Overripe for spent fake to three dribble. Drive in stop now gift ferment Fernando, low right block Johnson guarding him Fernando turns dachshund or get it to fit through lazing invoices to excise. Starting to learn how to play with each other. I was just thinking the same thing. Here's McConnell, right elbow. Jumper is. No good. And the ball rebounded by Cowan off the typical Fernando fifty four thirty five Maryland, Cowan right of the lane, takeout, Fernando left elbow jumper. Good rannells it in. She's expanded his game. Jerry. Fifty-six thirty-five Maryland back to twenty one point advantage byles Johnston on the right wing jumped passed nearside McConnell catch and shoot three. No good. We're getting in foul on the floor on Maryland's as Johnson was fighting art for the rebound. Linda will come back into the game. Four maryland's. As will sorelle Smith and Aaron Wiggins. And the two big fella sit down and. I Alice to overrule now comes back for Rutgers replacing Johnson. It'll be chomped to throw in on the baseline right side of the hoop. Jio Baker fake, the three slide left shoot three. No good. And the ball rebounded by Wiggins. I had to count. Cowan Foulon jump as right side for Lindo. Wiggins farside quarter quarter up top. It's bender. Smith throw it lasts. Wiggins has it into the paint high speed right side, Linda a threes and air ball but bender tracks it down shot clock. Six Smith the top to Cowan Cowan down the lane. Mrs what the left hand and shack Carter comes up with the rebound. I had to ease. The child will scoop pass now to Baker twelve minutes. Play the second half rectors down fifty six thirty five. Oh me with the double team fights through it near corner. A three is no good. The ball rebounded. By bender opened looked at time. Sean to struggling really struggling. Cowie driving and kicking and throws out of bounds. He was looking for Lindow cut to the right ball left. We get a time out eleven forty six. Play the second.

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