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Expects to hear a solid report later this week when the commerce. Mints releases a snapshot of economic growth in the first three months of the year. NPR's Scott Horsely reports. Many forecasters had been predicting a substantial slowdown in the economy during the first quarter. But after a strong report on consumer spending last week a lot of those predictions are being revised upwards. Forecasters now say first quarter growth could be significantly higher from the two point two percent rate. We saw the end of last year White House advisor Larry cudlow told reporters he hopes to build on that faster momentum. I really think this is going to turn out to be a pretty strong first half in a pretty strong year. We're staying with our three percent economic growth estimates. The White House forecast is more optimistic than most independent economists who still expect the growth rate to taper off as the year goes on Scott Horsely NPR news, Washington on Wall Street, the S and P and the NASDAQ rallied to close at record. Highs after strong earnings reports the S and P five hundred gained twenty five. The dow. Up one hundred and forty five the NASDAQ up one hundred and five this is NPR news from news. I'm Paul land. Core the FBI has launched a civil rights investigation into allegations. That San Francisco sheriff's deputy beaten inmate at a county jail facility late last week. A spokesman for the FBI tells the probe was prompted by a request from San Francisco sheriff Vicki Hennessy. Multiple news outlets are reporting that Hennessy asked for the investigation after allegations surfaced that deputy Alex Jason repeatedly punched an inmate in the face at the San Bruno lock-up last Thursday Jason allegedly hit the inmate in the head five times. After the prisoner refused. An order to go to his cell. The inmate reportedly needed treatment for head injuries. The union representing sheriff's deputies has yet to comment. Richmond city council tonight plans to discuss limiting the storage and handling of coal their cake. You we Sara Hussain. Any reports the proposed amendments to the city's zoning ordinance would prevent new property owners for moving coal, but the rule wouldn't apply to current operations. Like the Levin Richmond cargo terminal which has seen both a spike in coal exports and complaints from residents worried about city dust from the shipments. Richmond mayor Tom, but says Tuesday's agenda item is just a small piece of careful push to put as many local restrictions on cool as are necessary and legally possible, you can't just stop it. Getting additional information about coal Dustin in Richmond could go along way toward avoiding a successful legal challenge, but says comprehensive air testing begins July with full results.

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