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Where are the best now let's take a look at the celebrity birthdays all these stars born on this day april thirtieth clarice leach men terrific actress has been around forever in the mary tyler moore show damn she was in butch cassidy sundance kid she was in the last picture show a great movie accuracy before she made it on television with her character phyllis ninety two years old today willie nelson is eighty five actor burt young probably best known for playing paulie right against semester sloan's rocky in the rocky movies seventy eight years old adrian pass dr from heroes but most recently from agents of shield he is fifty five years old today johnny gillespie from the big bang theory of course and from back in the day roseanne though he was just on an episode recently is forty three years old today kirsten dunst celebrates thirty six birthday today and actress dianna agron from glee she was the hot cheerleader quinn on that show thirty two years old today ralph garman and i walked show his beat we're talking about comic book movies and superhero movies as another comic book movie that i'm looking forward to saint called deadpool two that's out soon and i've invested interest in this as well because the guys who wrote the film wrote deadpool and deadpool two our friends of mine they created a tv show some fifteen years ago now that people still come up to me to this day and talk to me about last night after the show here in iowa city someone came up to me and talked about the joe schmo show and a lot of people say we'd love to hear the behind the scenes story about that show one of those people were was colin hanks when i had him on the show to interview him he said you guys should really talk about what went on in making that show so anyway thought that was a great idea and finally be able to get those guys to sit down long enough to talk to me there as you can imagine very busy with the lead up of deadpool two right around the corner but we did sit down and have a chance to talk about the history of the joe schmo show joe schmo one.

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