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Was sexually assaulted by a stranger as the boy entered his home a man asked to use the restroom. Sergeant Danny dipietro tells KTAR news the boy says he was sexually assaulted once. He came out of the bathroom. He walked up behind the the child and. Touch some in a area that he shouldn't have completely inappropriate suspect then asked the boy to perform a sex act and the boy threatened to call police causing the man to leave. The suspect has now turned himself in and is being questioned by deputies wash academy sheriff's office says there's no threat to the community Oregon is getting four million dollars from the federal government to battle the opioid crisis. Oregon congressman great Walden says the money will boost prevention efforts increase access to medication assisted treatment and expand recovery options for patients the money is part of a four hundred eighty seven million dollars from the state opioid response. Grant program the victim of a carjacking this week. In southwest Portland says he was stunned by how fast it happened. Greg Nadler, Jose local podcast tells KTAR news it was in the drive through a burger village southeast twelve and Hawthorn when a man who was armed with a bottle demanded a hamburger when Nivola said no to the man he started pulling things out of the back of his truck and never got out to stop him. And so he rushed me got past me and. At that point. I had already opened my truck door. So he slid past me and all of a sudden just in a split second. He was sitting in my driver's seat. They suspect tried to hit Nibley with his truck. Police found that truck a few blocks away to laptop computers were stolen. But a neighbor found them in the backyard, and they were returned to nobler. Police arrested Robin bay for the robbery I'm Bradford NewsRadio. Over ninety K. I'm Patrick Karachi. And I'm Adrian Cortez, and we're the host of red filled America, and you storytelling podcast, red pilled. America is not another talk show covering the day's news. We are all about telling stories stories Hollywood doesn't want to hear stories the media mocks stories about everyday Americans if elites ignore you can think of red pill.

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