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The central focus of the trump administration and in the last year organizations like no more deaths which provided humanitarian aid in the borderlands have faced increasing harassment and vandalism at the hands of us border patrol agents no more deaths made headlines recently with the release of a video footage showing afforded patrol agent dumping out water that was left for migrants in the desert shortly after the release of the video into report put out by the organization called interference with humanitarian aid death and disappearance on the usmexico border asu instructor and no more deaths volunteer scott warren was arrested for providing assistance to to migrants this was the most recent arrest in a series that volunteers with the organization have faced how did we get to this point where humanitarian aid volunteers are being targeted by federal employees with us now to discuss their recently released report the history of border enforcement and it's impacts on the ground are jeff reinhard and alicia dinsmore volunteers with no more deaths and jeff boyce postdoctoral research fellow at the school of geography and development at the university of arizona i welcome all to mid day thanks very much uh jeff voice let me start with you can you give us a sense of how many people have died or disappeared trying to cross the sonoran desert in recent years yeah absolutely well border wide um the the border patrol itself count more than seven thousand um uh since 1994 when really the modern period of of border enforcement um began uh dads certainly in under uh because on the one hand all that's incorporated into that are recovered remains actually human remains that are that are that are found um and the area where people have been pushed into uh over the last several decades has become increasingly remote increasingly difficult terrain there's very little infrastructure sure so we know that there are thousands more people who uh who have disappeared i mean literally vanished into the desert on the journey north um in 2015 alone i'd allied organization in tucson the quota let's see on the samano so uh open 1200 on missing persons cases that uh remained unresolved disappeared does it are there any theories as to what happened to pizza sure i it's it's safe to assume that in many of these people have have also paris on the.

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