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Welcome to the waves slates podcast about gender feminism and the supreme court every episode. You got a new era feminists to talk about the thing. We can't get off our minds and today you've got me. Marc joseph stern a staff writer for sleep covering courts in the law and me die elliptic. I am senior editor at slate. And i cover the courts today. We're talking about amy. Coney barrett's first term which just wrapped up this month just as bear. It notoriously replaced ruth bader ginsburg on the court solidifying a six to three conservative majority. And today we'll be talking about what impacts her votes had on the cases that the court decided and also the case is that the court chose not to decide. You know. I'm sitting with two things and and it's sort of interesting to me. One last october november. You and i were running around houses on fire houses on fire. She's going to do all these dreadful things and to now. We're sitting in the midst of a raft of mainstream media views that barrett turned out to really moderate intemperate and centrists and maybe not all that different from our bg. After all so maybe just in terms of table setting where we wrong then or are we wrong now. I don't think we're wrong at all. Let's recall at justice barrett. Then judge barrett's confirmation hearings. The senate democrats chose to make it about the affordable care act and so what we saw right was days and days and days of senate democrats holding up. You know huge posters of children who were going to be thrown off their health insurance because of justice barrett and that didn't materialize for reasons. We're gonna talk about in a minute. The affordable care act was not struck down. But i do think there is this problem with hindsight and foresight in other words. The choice to say. We're going to litigate amy. Coney barrett's possible impact on the court before she's on the court really does think a clued. What the real conversation was and two. We spend a lot of time talking about roe and it didn't materialize because there was no abortion giving on the took it because i just think the point..

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