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When he hears one and he wrote a beautiful song that they now play every night after the fireworks and that led to this collaboration, this book and the woman who sings that Ashley Brown was Mary Poppins in the stage production. So it all comes together. Gorgeous for. Yeah, she's mazing. We'll, I'll say, I didn't want to work on this book course you didn't. Here I'm going gonna. I'm actually going to tell the story because it's a, it's a really good story, and it's ended up really good, but Richard and Floyd and Wendy left con were the ones who talked about making this book and I knew about it kind of, but that's all I knew. And then we had our first meeting which came in and and my cubicle at Disney publishing literally right where our little staging areas. And so I told my boss will all be listening and I wanna see how to bridge you when you don't know, you're in the meeting, like okay says, well, I'll say hi, no, come out, you're in the meeting. So I come to the meeting. They're all talking and the Wendy says. So Richard were right. The book Floyd will draw the book and Adrian will paint the book. And this was my first time hearing that he didn't tell me my Boston. Tell me no one told me and this was the same year that are movie came out. So we were traveling for the movie, and I also have a job that oversee hundreds of books Disney. Publishing. So I was like, I don't have time for this. I really don't. It's a forty eight page book, whatever. And so I was coerced into painting this book and change this down to accommodate me not having time. And also because my boss said, the book should look like Floyd drawings and I'm an illustrator. So paint paint, like whatever which obliterates the pencil. We wanted the Floyd deflate nece as my boss said to show. And of course it does. And I'm happy now that I did it because getting to hear Richard and Floyd talk about Walt after the meeting was over was like the best part, and we have a piano in our office. And so Richard, what always playing it didn't matter if if he was tied to come in, he plays song, we'd all come under bar cubicles and this Richard do his whole medley of songs. What have you. So now I'm really proud. Good. And. Loyd paid me Floyd paid. You understand. I'm a Disney employee and I didn't get paid. I had my paycheck and he and Richard got paid. I didn't get paid anything. So I told flow, you give me some money. I mean, this is not right. So I made him give me like a thousand dollars you know to and he did, where's the love. Where's? Where's the love. I don't suppose we'll do me any good to say you got paid in goodwill. No, she wanted to cash. Artists don't get what they should get. Are those usually kind of filler short. You know. So I think pay me so I could say the same for writers go into that. You ever want to see the best watch. Harlan Ellison, pay the writer. It teaches you everything you need to know, right? Yep. Yep. In only the way that only the very, very different to Walt Disney Harlan, but magical nonetheless. So you guys recently took a Disney cruise? Yes, that was so much fun. That was so much fun, which which ship you on the dream, the Disney dream. I don't know where. In a big circle. What was cool was bumped us to first class which was a total surprise to us. We'd never done that before. So that was kind of cool having concierge and it's almost as if you're legends is what it is. Well, keep in mind. We were hanging out with ROY, Patrick Disney. Dr Michael Jiechi. No, Jared, Jared, Bush Joe's shows e Trinidad station. Martin of Becky Klein farmer, Bill farmer. I mean. Britton Brit. I went the rest of the legends basically just just hang out billions on the sneer. No, no. A lot of Disney fans, though. One was here Josie, Katz, who's out in the audience we there. She is and her. We on castaway cay like, wait a minute. We're on this island and there she is like, what are you doing here? So don't stock them..

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