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Judge John Hodgman rule that is off. Welcome back to bullseye. Jesse thorn. My guests are Jack black and Kyle Gass of the Banten Asia's d they're back. Got a brand new animated series called post-apocalyptic. Oh, the first episode just premiered on YouTube. I had a friend in college who was a pretty standard nerd, wonderful guy. And one year I'm going to say it was my sophomore year, his junior year. He just appeared with this album that he had written and recorded in his dorm. Nobody knew nobody knew. I mean, I knew he had a guitar. That's what I knew. I knew he had a guitar and it was quite good. And he had just one day decided essentially to be shameless. You know, like that there is this. I, it's very much much easier to not make record a heart. Felt records in your dorm room and and then share it with people like recruit a band and play shows? Yeah, I remember just being awed by that. I, I'm kinda odd by it. I don't even know the guy that's that's a lot to do from zero from scratch. I mean, when I think about my favorite song writers do think of the the raw emotive honest people like, you know, you're Elliott Smith's your your Nick Drake's. These of the songwriters that that really pull at my soul at my heart strength. I think once in a while, I mean like the ballot of all even might be funny, but we do kind of go deep, we go real, we go back. We go down to the source of of who we are. But yeah, there's always a bit of of of comedy wink. It makes it just okay. We need it. We can't. Yeah, I, I've made peace with that. I, I don't mind at all. I love that the road we've chosen. Fun wrote. In fact, even in my side projects, they all they end up being kind of funny ish. It's just seems like why will because there's also a great tradition of of rockers that have a good sense of humor like, you know, diamond, Dave dudes just funny though song ACDC early, especially. Yeah. Well, I mean, one of the things that Taneja she's music is kind of in dialogue with is the ridiculousness of big rock music. And one of the things that is. Great about Taneja St. is that it is never been mockery of the ridiculousness of rock of big rock music, but celebration of the ridiculousness of big rock music. I think you've, I think you've used stumbled on a very important concept. Yeah, I think you can't really not like your subject. Well, yeah, then it becomes something else. Yeah, then you really, I, I don't know that minute becomes parody. There you go. But yeah, we celebrate. We do make fun of of Satan, though Satan in music is just absurd, ridiculous and hilarious. And we've had a lot of fun with that over the years. But there is also something great about Satan. He's powerful. Jack, we were talking about your aspirations to performance when you were a kid, and I do have a clip of you in a television commercial. It is. This is a commercial for pitfall Atari twenty six. Harry starring Jack black was before we ever met. Last night. Pitfall, Harry by giant scorpion man-eating crocodiles, just.

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