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Nine nigerian to black out the dubai air with the tape on his jersey so not only does he go from thinking. It was stupid to get rid of it and being willing to just wordlessly question. No questions asked me the face of this thing to step up and be with his teammate. I don't know what it is that dr fieldstone told him. But that seems to speak to jamie tarred who isn't just cool. Now as he puts it to keeley. But jimmy carter. Who really actually maybe gets it a little bit and understands i in his cool enough about it to say like we're got to wear the same kid. Don't we saint team. He's he's not stepping up and saying something that would make the whole situation feel a little more uncomfortable. He's finding a way to make it fit in a way that not only goes for him but goes for the rest of the group. And i thought just whatever dr sharon said to him. We don't even need to see like you're saying it's almost better that we don't but she yet again works magic that said the team loses and the team is now worse off than when before dr sharon came to the team record wise. So the question. I think we're continuing to ask ourselves if we care about the fortunes and the fate of afc richmond football club and not just the members of it is. How do we get there like. How do we get to the point where we're on a heater where we're winning where we go on a run where we go on a copper on where we make a battle our way to six place so that we can get into the playoff to see who gets promoted which we can talk about. I don't know if that's going to be something that comes up on the season but it's a little bit complicated. How they decide who comes back up and so we want to know how. Afc richmond gets there. And i feel like we're going to spend some time over the next couple of episodes especially figuring out because if we're going to have an upward trajectory for their results this season i think it's got start before the year turns calendar wise and their season. I think they've got a really get the ball rolling on that soon. I wouldn't shock me if it's early as the next episode. But i think that's where the rubber has to meet the road. That's the next steps for these people. Yeah i mean you you mention Like the timing on that. And i guess it is. It is the lightest of spoilers to say. But you got it if you have apple tv. Which i assume you do. Unless you're a pirate yar in which case you deserve to be spoiled. Yeah that's the price you pay. The next episode is.

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