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And I I mean I have to say. I was personally attacked for like four days leading up to Super Tuesday because I po PO. Something like Oh and phone banking for warrant. If you're really good about it and then it would just be like your handing nomination to the corporatised abiding campaign you know and I was like what first of all ninety six percent of the country has yet to vote. Why are you telling I mean why? Have we already decided what's happening here? Yeah why have we already decided what's happening here? And I think what happens is beyond the the pressure cooker of New Hampshire and Iowa that creates completely unrepresentative narratives of the election. We just decided it was a Bernie Biden and we decided Bloomberg was super valuable and we made these decisions in when there was there was a real a candidate in the midst. She didn't get any airtime right. And that's what happened to me. That's what happens. It's not the people were not interested. And I'll tell you what happened when I was phone banking. This was really interesting. The idea that all of worn supporters are Bernie. Supporters is not true just remind completely non scientific research when I was foam banking. I'd be like who are your top choices. How you who you GonNa vote for and they would be in some of them would just be like Elizabeth all the way whatever and we need to continue this conversation but the people who are like Biden Biden Bloomberg. I guess they were not excited. By the way about Biden and Bloomberg they were just thinking who's going to win and I would say. What are your thoughts Elizabeth? Warren they're like honestly I think she's fantastic. So the thing is this. I think Elizabeth Warren was the second choice to obscene numbers.

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