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Officer, Baton Rouge Police Department, Alton Sterling discussed on WDRC



Baton rouge police officer loses his job for shooting to death more than a year and a half ago officer blamed salomone has been fired from the baton rouge police department for the shooting death of alton sterling but officer how he lake will be suspended for three days decision was not based on politics it was not based on emotions it was based on the facts of the case baton rouge police chief murphy paul salomone was the one who shot sterling six times when sterling was pinned to the ground the shooting gained a renewed outrage amongst supporters of the black lives matter movement and it led to nationwide demonstrations salomone and lake will not face federal or state criminal charges in sacramento had other night of protests marchers demanding action against the police officers who shot stephan clark to death nearly two weeks ago while investigating car break ins the police say he charged them but dr bennett who performed a private autopsy at the family's expense says that's not with the wounds indicate proposition dot has been presented died he was selling the officers in here was facing the officers is inconsistent valen forensic evidence as documenta tops who says six of the shots went to clark's back sacramento area clergy appealing for calm and dialogue california's governor jerry brown pardoning five illegal immigrants for crimes ranging from drug dealing to domestic violence the pardons will likely stymie efforts by immigrations and customs enforcement to deport them in fox.

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