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Governor abba abba who If you had asked him before the beginning of the grow he thought he was in real good shape to take the oath of office in two thousand twenty four. 'cause he was he was the governor of the state of texas any had all this job growth because he was bringing in all these tech companies from california texas but then some weird happened to greg abbott. He didn't read the tea leaves. Well if you will in regards to their response to corona or his response really to sense before corona there was really no way to test government officials on what they believed. Yeah they didn't sign this bill. Maybe they didn't you know. Put out that executive order here and there but most of us could chalk that up to politics right policy. That's just politics. Yeah austin's the swamp and yada yada yada but then because abbott thought it was politically expedient to follow whatever foudy fat. Hey the militias midget whatever fao she said. And whatever the popular opinion was he did the mask mandate he did the fifteen days to slow he bought into all of now every every one every senator day even the great ron disentis did but the saint as we all know turn heel and came back real quick not turnhill but turned around turned him and tried to get that taking care of Abbott didn't abbott holt held onto it. Avid sat on it for a while until it was politically expedient for him to do so and now he's he he did the vaccine passport issue right. Remember i thought it was a big deal. Yeah except is vaccine. Passport was government seen passports not private business. i've always called it rhonda santa's evil twin because he does everything later and worse. Maybe he's dumber twin. I don't know something. I'm still working on it..

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