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Next. Week you're coming in again one I think. I'm going to be on Sky News on Monday morning at about ten thirty reviewing the papers into the Jerry Vines show on channel five 'cause. Good Morning Britain on Friday. That well, that was really I was really it was so different than anything I've done before and thank you very much again for letting me come on with you. I really enjoyed it. It was just a really nice experience and because it's quite different from. Radio. With Raider, you have more time to develop your points out your store but with that, you had to be a bit more punchy to get to the point and then I was I didn't realize at certain points that I was actually being films. So I was shaking my head and like when I went to. Speak my mom, and my kids and their mom what you do shaking head on my arm, I did not picking. Up A good thing to do because what you always needs. Do those things you've got to give your reaction because that thing gives the presenters an opportunity to come back to because they know the disagreed with me. It's actually a good thing to do. You may not know that you're on screen at that point. Always a good idea to remember the urine screen. So instead of shaking your head you down to a wind casino. US It to them is a good wasn't picking my nose or something. Because it's like Oh my God, we don't want this lady bucket. Because, of course. Jackie still away next Friday. So hopefully, we can again next Friday. Also, one thing one little plug I'm I'm doing these Edinburgh not the Edinburgh fringe shows for every Wednesday lunchtime in August I did David Davis. Last week that will come out on the Intel talk podcast next Wednesday. But if you want to watch me interview Asda Campbell live this wouldn't stay at one o'clock you have to book is Zoom Webinars. So you have to book can there is a fire? Apparently. And you can find details of that on my website. What time is one o'clock on Wednesday on that work God. Data. And following one. So it's Charles Brand Ruth. So I'm also recording the one stay for the many podcast on Wednesday morning with West treating. So don't forget to tune in for that. They're doing a podcast with Danny Finkelstein by his new book on Thursday and then that is me done but even though I'm having ten days off I will be doing the for the many podcasts because I have not missed an episode into an half years unlike that slacking Jackie. Smith. He's always off on holidays but now. Right, well, I hope everyone's enjoyed having denise you've enjoyed it denise and will. A gain at a relevant opportunity. Well, thank you very much. I did enjoy and I always speaking with you. Ian. So it's been great as usual. Just..

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