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Nanna blamed my husband for the cut per straps there's lots of similar stories i've been told over the years having to take stove knobs off when they left her in the house taking the remotes too though she can't remember why just after my hubby and i started dating my motherinlaw finally told us that nanan did not have dementia she had an untreated case of syphilis we fucking lost it when she told us that nanna used to troll the shipyard a navy base where they lived and must have contracted the disease but never got it treated once they took her to the doctor for her dementia it was too late to do anything about it hold this story made you laugh as much as we did keep on bringing the good suck your faithful space lizard brady it did make me laugh i know someone getting dementia from a venereal diseases not inherently funny but when i read nanna used to troll the shipyard and navy base i lost it and by the way you i don't know this is the truth but the way you phrased that story it made it seem like like later in life she was trolling the navy base you know like like maybe like after she was already a nanna she just this cougar troll in somehow getting syphilis recently fairly recently man civil has been no joke it's no joke actually though it was a joke that some of you fell for and this is the spoiler thing this last friday and it made me so happy time sucker buck i'm gonna leave his last name out of it for privacy fell from fell from my fake syphilis psa writing in dear master the suck you god damn son of a bitch ll i'm listening to the jack the ripper the episode and your ranting on and on about syphilis and i'm sitting at work thinking oh shit by the time you came around to saying it was it was all made up i was on the verge of getting tested you got me fuck you and keep on.

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