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To ask if he enjoys touring anybody that's followed my career over the years, and those that touring has always been a big focus for us to go out and have that many people to come See your show, Then that's It's good, you know, that's that's my favorite part of this business is getting on the road playing shows and doing all that stuff. So that's going good. I know everything else is going well. It's been fun, and it's cold to think that many people actually care enough to see us to go buy a ticket to come see your show. So that's a lot. Keep listening to I heart radio for more Jason Aldean and all your favorite artists. Was good when we win, always going when it's always good when we win quiet, numbskull broadcasting your boat, more testimony and the judge Don gentry matter, right out of the gate, saying got going. You come into the snakes, then you're going to get better going out these days. More action today now Kenton County Family Court judge That's the home of Rob Sanders, right. Johnny's finger marks a good front along with Boone County's own Linda Tally. Smith together hanging in battle when judges over there, I don't know, but allegedly G proposition attorney Kathryn Schultz, who's an attractive Of course, female attorney. It all began When she was sitting. I found the judge sitting on a bathroom floor with a profuse it ve nose bleed, so I've been over to try To help her with her nose blade. She grabbed me and kissed me, which I cooperated with. And then we stood up and had a glance in a moment. I ask you a question you've been with. I'm sure the hot chicks like I have been all over my wife, Fox News. Yes, but what you find it attractive for a woman to be in a bathroom? I've never found a woman already knows Exactly. Catherine Schultz is female or perverts. So she goes in and check on the judge, and she is bleeding from the nose and pulls her in for a romantic kiss and white and then They had a moment. Why is that? I have no idea, Tom. I don't know why the sidelines rock with the Colts or the hot chick and all of a sudden, like one of the big stars, all of a sudden nose bleed. And what do you go over and like, try toe hold his nose or something to say. Hey, Hey, pal. I got your bag. You're right. But you're not gonna kiss time for a warm and bright no kiss. No, you have a moment now can move it right there in the bathroom, or do that Moments later, can't question people wanted that say so cancer and shoulder for an attorney said she received a message from Judge Gentry on Snapchat asking her to go to a conference legal conference. Her family court matters in Louisville to quote our have sex with Steven Me, Steve is her minister slash employees Deep Penrose night. The screen was Stephen Penrose Penrose worked on Gentry's case that has a case specialist more ways that one and was her former pastor and and band made in the ban south of Cincy. So, gents, you know about bands garage? Yeah..

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