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Fire Chief Jim Davis says some bodies have not been pulled from the wreckage yet the pile up involved over 100 vehicles this morning on I 35 Were more than 60 people who were treated for injuries sustained in the collision, which stretched about a mile freezing rain and black ice or being blamed for the pilot. Governor Kevin Stitt, announcing today that more people in Oklahoma will soon be eligible to receive the covert 19 vaccine teachers and school workers of all ages. As well as Oklahomans with comb abilities will be eligible for the vaccine. Starting February, 22nd only teachers and staff and pre K through 12 schools will be eligible, not colleges and universities just yet. List of co morbidity is includes hypertension, obesity, cancer, heart disease and chronic lung, liver and renal disease. There are some other conditions, though, as well. White House Press secretary Jen Psaki said today that the CDC is expected to release guidelines Friday as to how schools can reopen safely. The president's role is, of course, to ensure that across government were listening to those guidelines. We are leaning into science. We're letting the science and medical experts lead and then his objective is to ensure there's the funding. To deliver on that, she says. The administration wants kids back in school five days a week, but they want to make sure that it's done safely. The State Health Department today said most of the 48 Coben 19 deaths in Oklahoma reported today happened back in November. Officials say that there were delays and reporting the deaths for a number of reasons. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today that she wants the House to pass President Biden's nearly $2 trillion relief package by the end of the month. Oklahoma congressman Kevin her and says no Republicans have been consulted on the bill. Despite the fact that last year every single relief package was passed with bipartisan support. That will not happen this time because the majority has chosen to abandon their calls for unity. Not even making an effort. Sadly, is.

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