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A little more. tonight is the end right. C. I. A. U. abode papers fifty years of government secrets and cover ups of course we have all of these things happening right now with a you know some of the stories were hearing and that you know a rash of UFO sightings as of late you know there was a time where UFO sightings had diminished and then all of a sudden you know each certainly we've had more and I was reading the other day about a about a snake you upload scene is on the scene over Vancouver Washington there was one scene over New York there's one scene or China lake so this this new snake UFO is being seen the military says is that where there's a what could be that's a question I mean all these UFOs are taking on different shapes have different characteristics there the tick tack you of is always been of interest and concern what are your thoughts on that Dan I mean you're you're you're you've been involved with this for some time now and you saw you know the tech tech UFO stories you heard about the Nimitz and all this what are your opinions on these new UFO accounts and and why the sudden change by the navy to be open about of the UFO sightings I couldn't speak for the navy but it's not surprising the entire history since at least the World War two I will be the UFO business has been one of one of great intensity for moms most of the year or a little over a year and then several years with virtually no way I don't think it's because the civilian groups fell on their **** and failed to follow I think there would be V. is left in the sky to look at after fifty two the next big year with fifty seven and from there and told sixty five there was virtually nothing and then in sixty five it's to do with picking up the then CIA director asked the website director are you staying up on all this way all they hadn't been. so guess what there really was collaboration with the national investigations committee on aerial phenomena John forgetting his name now down Donald key always. he'd been shouting couple up for some years but when the last time I was under the gun to come up with some stuff for the CIA director they went to night cap and borrowed over a hundred of their case files to the bone up. I had to go back to what is it what are the characteristics. okay well I mean it it just seems to me that you know like I like I was saying it to be the program I remember I was at the contact in the desert it was twenty sixteen the dump happen with the CIA files I got the feeling that this you know this opened up policy was because something was about to happen I got I felt a sense that because in a nineteen ninety seven was the Phoenix lights about twenty seventeen would be a year that we find some information or at least have something would definitely jar us and make us think openly about what's going on in space more more shows up out of no where and then the report comes from the navy about the name it's in the in the tick tack UFOs and the ball started rolling we had all of this stuff going on and then wouldn't you know it you know there's something else political but always gets in the way with some of this information and it got to a point where I felt like I was the only one that was getting down and dirty with news reports that need to be discovered and and and re hashed in going through old documents and everything else I mean that's frustrating when you I mean I can imagine what you went through to write this book how frustrating it is to get through this it's nonsensical stop is redacted it's crazy going for the stuff is real meat. yes it was but I was of state government bureaucrats for career so I used to that sort of thing. you got a got a Lotta heart you got a lot of stamina because I did I even I I got to a point where you know you know I I take I take I did take some time every day I come in early and I take some time every day to read up on the. that I'm supposed to be a focus on a lot of it comes easy because of course I've been doing this broadcast down for nearly twenty five years and it you know you it becomes like second nature to you and then you have a book like yours come along I hear some things and see some things I've never heard of before and I learned from that and and then you say to yourself well gosh you just don't know everything you haven't heard of everything so you know take the time to read some more understand more and I think people need to I think a lot of people need to understand that there that the UFO situation or the the ETI question or whatever is so complex it's not a matter of I believe it's not a matter of loaded questions like do you believe in UFOs it's a matter of complex study complex awareness and it's just not one thing or another it's a number of things yeah yeah. there was a another big step okay can I get along the way in the late sixties by sixty six.

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