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Polk County, Congress, CEO discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


The funeral for slain polk county detective christon hearn prosecutors will seek the death penalty against her accused killer ron brewer the father of twenty nine year old polk county police detective chris inherent says is no way to describe seeing her accused murderers samantha roof and accused shooter seth brandon spangler walk into court ozal stay muscle you will you know as opposed you'll get your hands on the title the prosecutor says he'll take this case to a grand jury next month and seek the death penalty for spangler athis indicted marie harnessed detective hearns motherinlaw justice is justly from her and leaves behind a husband and a three year old son at the polk county courthouse veronica waters wsb the atlanta city council decriminalizes possession of a small amount of pot violators will face a 75 dollar fine and no jail time air cassim read tweets he looks forward to reviewing and signing the legislation atlanta city councilman and mayoral candidate kwanza hall hopes civil rights deuce the disproportionate arrests of young african american men on possession charges fraternity it kennesaw state is under investigation for alleged misconduct case you bars all chapter operations of pie kappa alpha less permission is granted and writing a sophomore tells channel 2 action news they don't really see any problems with them putting imitations on for ads in fact i think it should be more regulated just because you hear sony horror stories administrators will not discuss the alleged violations ache overdraft fees climbed to a record high average overdraft fee uh hits a new i it at thirty three dollars thirty eight percent and bank rates greg mcbride says it's almost five bucks to withdraw money from an atm not affiliated with your bank tom petty dies of a heart attack days after completing his 40th anniversary tour with the heartbreakers et sophie shall asi attended the final show it was really an incredible performance he played aghead you founded amazing he looked great he seemed incredibly be petty was inducted into the rock hall of fame and two thousand two he was sixty six wsb news time 511 going to be another big news day today president trump supporter rico for about five hours for mutual five today surveying storm damage of block of the survivors retired at what fact ceo rick smith will testify to congress today in prepared testimony he plans to tell members that a mixture of human errors technology field blood to the databreach it it'll be.

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