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Austin Police are investigating a fiery overnight crash on I 35 say this whole thing unfolded a little before one AM just north of the beauty city limits Wrong, right driver traveled south found in the North bound lanes of I 35. Light it head on with a truck pulling a travel officer Katrina, Ratcliffe says both vehicles then burst into flames. The wrong way. Driver was thrown from the car and pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the truck was also found dead. A woman inside of that truck is hospitalized with life threatening injuries. All lanes of I 35 had to be shut down for a time because of this, The police have not said whether alcohol might have played a role. Patrick Osborne News Radio K will be Jim Austin School District. Teachers say they have received no training on how to do the online learning this fall. Fifth grade teacher Caitlin Holloway Till CBS Austin. She hasn't heard anything from SD. Are we going to do this remote? What technology is needed? Here's what we're asking you to teach. Here's the guidelines or The standards were kids need to know these 1st 3 weeks, Honesty says it did get the message out to teachers before the summer break that the training would be available. The City Council took comments about what should happen to the next budget. For the Police Department President Amanda Philip's reasons the Police Department cannot do what is asked of it. And if counsel really wants to address public safety, they need to invest differently. Resources to prevent violence Stop asking us to wait for violence to be met with violence and say one $100 million cut to a buddy's budget is the minimum. Others say the department should lose half its funding. They say those dollars should then be spent on other needs, like affordable housing and social, Medical and mental services. John Cooley NewsRadio Kale, BJ, mayor of Chicago, had a statue of Christopher Columbus removed from a park in the middle of the night after the removal was ordered by Mayor Lori Lightfoot. The grant Park statue of Christopher Columbus was taken down just after three o'clock this morning removed from its pedestal by a large crane. It's not Clear whether statute was taken. Grant Park had been the scene of violent clashes between protesters and police, which started last Friday is a group of demonstrators attempted to take the statue down. 18 officers were hurt and a dozen arrests were made during that incident. The removal of the statue comes as President Trump is planning to send federal law enforcement to Chicago. Tanya J. Powers. Fox News president, Trump is canceling plans to give his acceptance speech in Florida, citing a flare up and thrown the virus cases. In Florida. President Trump announced the cancellation of four days of Republican National Convention events in Jacksonville now still do a convention speech. In a different form, but we won't do a big, crowded convention per se. It's just not the right time for that. There's no word yet on official plans for an acceptance speech, A subset of delegates will still gather in Charlotte, North Carolina, next month to officially nominate the president and work on the party's platform. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News, 7 33 Here's Austin's on Time traffic with Melinda Brandt a little bit busy out there this morning that a collision that fatal collision over on 35 north bound at South Pole 45 has cleared all lanes back. Open the residual Elise as starting Tio. I guess I can say clear out. They're actually just moving further north bound, so we're seeing slow traffic now. From South told 45 to about stashed me over on Cameron Road, South bound lanes look to still be blocked off between weather Rutherford and 1 83 as well as 1 83 North bound service road in between Cameron and Norwood Park Boulevard due to a different fatal collision and the reports of a collision East to 90 eastbound at Lexington Street Farmer deaths on a vehicle fire reported over at Wells Range Parkway in 35 South bound service road. Next reports at 7 45 I'm Melinda Brant with Austin's on Time Traffic. Considerable cloudiness today with a couple of heavy showers and a thunderstorm Watch for flooding High today 94 for tonight cloudy with a shower or thunderstorm. Low 76 from the Weather Center..

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