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As many as 100 Million Americans could be under a vaccine mandate as president. Biden wants not only public sector workers to get the shot But also employees in private companies President Biden, but much of the blame for a persistent pandemic on the millions of Americans who have opted against getting vaccinated overcrowd. Our hospitals are overrunning emergency rooms and intensive care units. A new workplace rule will force employers of more than 100 workers to ensure their vaccinated or be tested weekly. We're going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers. Companies in violation could face steep fines. Fines are also going up for passengers who refused to wear mask on flights if you break the rules Be prepared to pay. Critics are signaling lawsuits on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern Fox News. Millions of people will take time out tomorrow to remember and honor those killed in the 9 11 terrorist attacks. President Biden and the first lady plan to visit all three locations to mark the 20th anniversary just as then President Obama did on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. The Justice Department suing Texas over the controversial new abortion law. Attorney General Merrick Garland says it's unconstitutional to ban women from ending their pregnancy after six weeks. He's concerned. Other Republican led states, including Florida will try to pass similar laws. Bull County Sheriff Grady Judd is leaving very little out as he is providing the most detailed account yet of last Sunday's mass shooting in Lakeland that left four people dead. After interviewing the suspect, Brian Reilly. Judge says he believed God told him to rescue someone named Amber. And was angry when a man named Justice Gleeson told him to go away, and that's when Brian Riley, are Suspect our murder suspect. Said. God told me to kill everyone, Judd says. Riley provided details, even admitting how he shot an 11 year old girl who survived the attack. Once upon a time, only men went to college. Now they're in the minority. The Wall Street Journal reports. A generation of American men have simply given up on college or perhaps college debt, which on average is over $30,000 For a four year degree. Women now make up nearly 60% of college students and all time high, well men attending colleges has gone down to about 40% and dropping with the national student clearinghouse expecting in the next few years that we could See two women earning a college degree for every man. Jeff Man. Also Fox News. The defending Super Bowl champions are starting the season with a win. But barely Ryan Succop kicked the go ahead field goal in the waning seconds as the Buccaneers edged the Cowboys 31 to 29 in Tampa. Tom Brady says it was a tough opponent. Very sound defense. They have a lot of good players on defense, so It's a good team. We're going to have to, you know, we obviously got a lot to clean up. Rob Gronkowski finished with two touchdowns, marking his 1/100 TD catch from Tom Brady and his career. News at the top and bottom of every hour. More AM Tampa Bay in moments I'm Chris Trackman NewsRadio W F L A Protecting your health and safety is Virginia Hospital.

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