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But you're going to hear the eleven songs that are on the tenderness record. And and some other stuff shooters to say, you're like the fan boy here like as much as all these wonderful things, and I'm sure very deserved about you. At the same token, you grown up guns and roses fan. You're like, yeah. I'm producing and playing in a band with Duff MacKay gun right now. I sense that that's probably going on with you a little bit. And I mean, it's it's it is like that. I mean, there's like, you know, fifteen year old is totally high fiving. But like at the same time thing getting like getting like getting in. And amazing person is his family and the generous kind compassionate human being. I came out of this process different, you know, and and getting to him sharing his opening himself up. It's like, you know, I asked you about these films as well. They're very much big part in the you know, probably my my. Deafness experiences ever had doing this records and doing it with one of my heroes and going out there, and you know, doing this live performing the stuff out of out of control on. And it's like, no he he allowed me to stretch out, and you know, in my band play with and and it really made I think it just kinda came in this really like really organically natural place between without any kind of like thoughts of like, you know, what should be doing does had these great songs we hung out at my house for like two weeks centrally and range than in the like stuff and then go on the road, right? And how back and then I'd be thinking about the whole time. And then and then we'd go back in and cut them start cutting in the, you know, the one of my favorite moment in this video is when you said like we I think it was tenderness. We are going to change that. And you were like, no, you know, he was doing really convinced on this stuff when he did your house and every time we should stick. With what we are. Got was always delight me, you know. So like to answer your questions like getting to to work with him, of course country. But it's it the processes that had so much more of a profound impact on me as musician in a and and as a person, you know, so in a way it started off like while I'm working with you know, defecate and by the end of it. It was like. Fucking one. My heart beats an entity song, and for you know, and just knowing that we're gonna get to go and do it lie. It's just. Gonna be awesome. I anyone who's gonna come shell. You're going to be so stoked committee. Well, guys, I I would love to continue talking. And hopefully, we'll do a lot more together. Once the record actually comes out, but Duff congrats on this and shooter congrat-. It sounds great. And of course, I know this is just the beginning record just literally came out the single once the full records out once we get closer to these dates. I'm sure we'll do a lot more together on it. But sounds great. And I'm happy we're getting some new stuff from you Duff. Amen. Any thanks for being a great champion for rock role at to remain to be in and thanks for playing single. And we'll talk to you got shooter. Nice to meet you. Hopefully, we'll do it in person. As you think you love you. To pal. See you guys. Goes Duff MacKay gin and shooter Jennings. Coming back with more on the trunk podcast. This is the Eddie truck podcast. Hey checkout off beat with Ricky Anderson and MIR Harrison podcast one joined the head of our.

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