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Helpful people. That's Napa know. Stay informed. Stay connected. Depend on WCBS to morning. I'm Wayne, Kevin. Palm name three things. Go seven fifteen sources who the Dominican Republic, tell the New York Post they believe David Ortiz was shot in a plot could involve the police officer hired as a hitman style clear at fourteenth was the intended target the Red Sox him back to Boston last night to continue as recovered over to the murdered half brother of North Korea's dictator was a CIA source according to a Wall Street Journal report, a person with knowledge of the case of Kim Jong nam says he met with agency operatives in several occasions, and certainly was in contact with other nations, including China, third thing to know this morning about the helicopter that crashed in midtown last night yesterday afternoon. It was in the air for eleven minutes, the pilot was grounded at the thirty fourth street heliport, but then lifted. It off for the flight to his base in New Jersey when he saw an opening in bad weather. He has commercial license fifteen years ago, had just become a certified flight instructor. His name is Tim McCormack from Dutchess county. He was fifty eight former chief of the volunteer fire department in his hometown. Don asked us is the chief of the East Clinton fire department ten we'll be exceptionally missed by his department members not only for his leadership. But his wonderful sense of humor, there are multiple reports that McCormick contacted the west thirtieth street heliport to say that he was experiencing some kind of problem and needed to land there. It seven seventeen is the search continues for a missing. Connecticut, mother her ex husband's girlfriend may not be as helpful as investigators hoped law enforcement source says it Michelle Trudeau conus was not in new Canaan on the day that Jennifer dulas disappeared. In his told police she has no idea were Delos may be true conus is facing evidence tampering charges that charges keeping her boyfriend behind bars. His lawyer says there are reasons to doubt that photos dulas was at the location where his wife was last seen in new Canaan attorney, norm patta says he has yet to see evidence. The dulas was involved in follow play. Do low central conus are expected in court today in Stanford, along route eighty evidence of what caused the landmark Marquel paper plant to burn to the ground, six months ago may have gone up in those same flames. The Bergen county prosecutor's office can't pinpoint the cause. Of a massive nine alarm fire that destroyed thirty one thirty six buildings. All they know is it began in a storage area that had large rolls of paper Marquel still not sure if parts of the plant are salvageable enough to reopen Sunday. A man in Paterson New Jersey is recovering after he was bitten by a poisonous Copperhead snake man was taken to the hospital for treatment animal control officials believe the Copperhead, which is rare in New Jersey may have slithered out from a nearby river, used to have lots of copperheads northwest jersey. Enter being warned about that as a kid, big boulders watch the could be copperheads never saw one. Now, they're now they're in Patterson in the, the birthplace of the industrial revolution. What's under our feet this morning? Right. Seven eighteen that's update. You ride traffic and weather together at a Tuesday convinced it very tough ride on the west side, we still have delays southbound. It's all rubbernecking all the travel lanes are open, but it is jammed from the GW be right on down for seventy ninth street northbound we still do have that crash left and center lanes are blocked there. The east side we've had the laze from the one forties. Right down through the area of the fifty ninth street bridge inbound side WB with about a forty five minute wait from eighty ninety five and you get to the lower level. We're now getting reports of a collision as you approach the toll plaza, so even four forty six going to the lower level, not so great anymore. We've had delays inbound Lincoln at forty five minutes. We've also got a stall on the four ninety five viaduct eastbound right around Kennedy boulevard, one lane blocked, so that is right in that area of the constructions on the inbound side of the Holland also up to about a thirty to forty five minute. Wait, we did have a crash on the northern state westbound of Netto hill road. That's now cleared pretty standard volume now on the E N. Northern and southern state Parkway's right on in for the queen's line. I'm Tom Kaminsky with the new Subaru was sent ground patrol. Now about.

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