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To address inequality in all its forms. Learn more at Ford foundation dot or GE. And by the listeners of Cake Everyday. Tonight's temperatures in the fifties and this weekend it'll be a little bit warmer than today. Temperatures today mid sixties at the coast to the upper eighties inland. It's politics with Amy Walter on the takeaway. Good to have you with us. We are less than 100 days away from November's general election. Meanwhile, this week the U. S surpassed 150,000 deaths caused by the Corona virus. As many states continue to see a surge. We're talking aboutthe states that are starting to see a little bit curve upward. They've really got to jump all over that, because if they don't, then you might see the surge that we saw in some of the other sudden states. The president renewed his commitment to questioning the integrity of our election system, and they say the projected winner or the winner of the election. I don't want to see that take place in a week after November or a month or, frankly, with litigation and everything else that can happen years. Years or you never even know who won the election on the Senate left town on Thursday without reaching an agreement on a new stimulus bill, leaving millions of unemployed Americans economic limbo. Corona bars will not care if Washington Democrats decided suits they're partisans, souls. Let relief run dry. At this point. I'm beginning to wonder who does support the Republican proposal on covert. 19 Americans are weary and anxious. And we're isolated. The Corona virus has kept many of us separated from our families and the people in places that help center us give our lives a sense of meaning. Political reporters always self conscious about getting caught in the D C bubble. I've literally been unable to escape it. There are no more political rallies or conventions, No campaign bus tours, and all of this makes it hard for us to understand how voters are processing this moment and their choices for this November Help us untangle all of this. We have joining us, Tim, Alberta. He's the chief political correspondent for Politico. And Jane Causton, a senior politics reporter at box Hey, guys!.

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