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Yeah now yeah. It was really bad like the. We never talked about it. I went and did Steve Harvey and then I came back the next day and it was scheduled for like to talk about about nine forty which is a really crappy slot. Obviously and then we didn't even talk about it and I remember my dad texting me being like two weeks. Get Out of there. Like they're we're doing dumb things like taking my picture off the walls and stuff like and it's funny because if they if if that environment Hatton been that way I would have still been working there and we all would've had a TV show but you know and that. That's the lesson to like. I understand jealousy is a natural feeling and I've admitted to my listeners. In this business I get jealous and I struggled like I'm like don't that's not being a Christian. We happy for your friend you know it. I'm like Oh i. It's hard for this deadline article. You know a now I feel like I'm much better with it and I'm I wonder if those does co hosts and your bosses and stuff ever look back in there like that was really fucking lame way to be because we really cut off our nose. Better face yeah yeah. I'm not sure I think. Also though part of it was that the the male influence there. I mean my job on the radio show was mostly just I made self deprecating jokes folks and told stories about being fat and all that kind of stuff so I think dispense despite the fact that I you know that job like wanted to use me for what they could to see me actually become successful for something that they truly do not respect me for that. They truly Rulli. He gets disgusting that they truly You know hate me being fat to see me be successful in part because of that was it's just I think really difficult for them and they couldn't they couldn't take it and whatever so whatever Boyne is I knew that that wasn't going to. I didn't know what coming. That's what I want to spend my life doing so I e mail and I just responded like okay okay shore so in a couple of months they flew me Out to La to meet with a production company. So I'm lucky because most reality shows a production company finds you and you fell the show and then they pitch it and I'd have lots of production companies emailing most of these were ideas about like dating shows and just the stuff I didn't want to be involved in so this was a little bit unique. In the fact that a network found me and then Found the production company so I felt more competent about up at because the network was already interested so they flew to L. A.. And I met with production company. Called Pilgrim. WHO has Produced my show for all seven seasons and I like them. They like me I keep hall. We shot a seven minutes sizzle reel which is very short shorts. You know look into whatever my all my life was at the time and there are a lot of possibilities I mean they could have said. We're not interested. Percents are shoot it again or shoot at this way or we'll take a one episode. We'll do a pilot but it came back in today to order the whole season so it's just been really everything was green lights. It was really wild. And then that following January I My season one premiered so amazing mazing and so my me no is that. Wait with Henchi. Everyone onto ask how she was doing. So she's it's your in your boy. He's doing well okay. Well he's stunning. I have a cat so so one one of the things that that you also have. Is this disease the initials R S. And it's an ovarian issue sir. Can you explain it a little bit. Yeah it's called Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Ironically politik means many cysts. But you don't even actually have to have have the cysts to be diagnosed with it. I do have says I've got about thirty sunny jewelry But it is an into crying and hormonal disorder. It's so much of it. It's not well understood. So even with the diagnosis process. They look if you have three or more symptoms of it and there's nothing else that can explain it. Then you'll be diagnosed with P. C. O. S. so There's not a lot of awareness Brought to it I I have all the symptoms which include infertility will actually. I've never tried to get pregnant. But of course I only had about ten periods in my whole life Tilleke There's insulin resistance. which not all women house women who are overweight with PCs? It is because because of insulin resistance. Which I've had since two thousand five that of course in term can lead to diabetes and heart disease and stroke so yes along with infertility insulin resistance? There's also acne hair loss. There's a big imbalanced hormones so people with P. C. O. S.. I have too much testosterone. Too much too many Andrew Jans which can cause hair growth on the face the body and hair loss on the head. It's a really typical thing especially for women because a lot of the things that we associate with an entity fertility hair. figure the all those kinds of things. PCS can manipulate and change about your body. So there's no cure for it. You can try to manage the symptoms and oh you know everybody is different but yeah it really talks cure. Say They can't remove the SYS- no well on the sister and actually the issue like I said you can actually have syndrome without having assists for me. My sister aren't painful or anything they're just there. You can see them on an ultrasound and you know it's no big deal really. There is nothing you can do outside of taking medication to lower your insulin guy exercise you know kind of self care things. There's there's nothing else to be done about it because you had a very rapid weight gain when you were not aware of your illness. which is one of the reasons is as you saw the doctor so from what I've seen it seems like you've kind of just maintained this this size for a while? Is that what the goal is that what you're doing is that good and healthy just to accept and be this or or do you have doctor saying that you have to try to lose weight even even though you have this disease. That's kind of hindering. It right What should I say decides? I gained about one hundred fifty pounds and continue to to gain until I was about two hundred eighty pounds Then I was like five years and then moved to Korea and when I came home. That's what I'm saying since the show. I feel like as the viewer from what I well since the show. Yeah well I've lost fifty pounds. Actually congrats so which actually. I don't don't think that's something that to be congratulated for it. All but just found that out in the premiere episode for me in terms of hell. It's a holistic realistic picture. So I'm not concerned about what the number on the scale says. I'm concerned about things like my blood. Sugar I'm concerned about how much I can exercise. I'm concerned about if I sleep. Well I'm concerned about if I take my medicine so all of those things are important to me if those things those healthy behaviors result in a way lost spine if they don't that's fine I have an eating disorder history. I even lost one hundred pounds right when I came back from Korea in in two thousand eleven and I lost a hundred pounds and I was extremely unhealthy. I lost it in eight months I had an eating disorder. Anyone from the outside would have been like. Wow she lost one hundred pounds really quick like she's really healthy In fact I was incredibly unhealthy. What what was what were you doing to lose that sharp starving starving mostly? I exercised about fifteen hours a week. A very little and then when I did eat I would just throw up everything that I ate that was wrong and even before that in in my life I would go on diets where I would have a certain you know calorie intake in so I would think okay like okay. I can drink Dr Pepper and just not eat dinner. And if I really wanted that doctor Dr Pepper like that's not healthy. I lost weight because because my calorie intake was so low. But that's not healthy so I think the idea. That weight is so tied to help is Bullshit mm-hmm and it's just not something that I'm really interested in track it occasionally and like I said I lost fifty pounds and didn't realize it but it's not something that is a prominent factor to be and if I feel healthier not right well I think that's great. Let's let's get to your seat. Let's get into your juicy life so you have these great parents that are featured on the show. Glennon Glennon BABS. Some of the questions for my listeners does does your mom Bab still wear a pantyhose to the pool. You you know I don't know actually but I'm GONNA go ahead and say that ninety nine percent I think if we went to school she would wear pantyhose again. We have not been back to the pool but yeah that's the type of thing that would still do for sure. That's something like my mom with due to my mom's in Hamburg but like very much about like was just not like jumping in the pool. Having a blast like just to be like so so now you had this buddy buddy who's been one of the regular people on the show. He started to show you guys were platonic friends right right and then it came romance and just tell a little bit about people want to know as much as you can share without spoiling the season. Where are you guys? What happened is the fiancee at all uncomfortable or jealous right? Well actually before we started shooting my big fat fabulous life but he and I had like slept together one time back in two thousand thirteen. So that's that's the the history well with with let just like a drunken night. What was was it? Yeah we were a little drunk. But I was like re either huge crush on him. I was really into him and then we got really close as friends friends and it just. We've always been friendly but we've always been kind of flirting. It's funny like we really don't feel like we flirt with each other but then we see as like on TV and we're like Oh let like it really does but we really don't believe that we do until we see it so yeah I think everyone you know like really likes me buddy eight together and we have a great chemistry and he just came over here last weekend like spent the night and hung out in the guest room and Hamilton joke. We were doing like an instagram. Live and I made a joke like yeah chase. Does you hear that. I was like wait. Actually he does it but I'm GonNa tell them he doesn't care. I mean he did in the beginning and I think I'm not sure what's coming up on on the episode tonight but I've seen the previews like you can see chase kind of like I'd say confronting but it's that sounds a little dramatic I think but kind of confronting buddy because he believes that I have kind of a co dependent relationship which I can see from his perspective but when Buddy got clean and sober I took a lot of responsibility for him and really want to always kind of protect him and and even though I know that's not completely my job. I am just very protective over buddy and chase like it was hard for him in the beginning. especially 'cause chase lives in Wilmington. I Live live in Charlotte. So we're not even together so there are plenty of opportunities where buddy together Jason's not here and that would kind of weird for him and and we did have a fight. Actually we didn't have our first fight over eight. Now that I'm remembering and I think I think that is I have no idea when that will be but I did see a part in a preview so yeah but they're good now and you know I'm engaged. They're good and where. Where does heather standing all this? That was buddies Ex girlfriend right or girlfriend. Yeah yeah well. She's been my best friend since I was eighteen. Which I have a light problem with the fact that buddies ex-girlfriends instead of like Whitney's best friend annoys me but anyway yeah we've been friends for twenty years? That got really weird. I think she's trying to act like she didn't really care if something happened between us but then when she felt like last season I'm trying to think in real life when this was and I can't in my time frames. I cannot understand when this actually was but it aired last buddy I kiss and she got really weird about that and I we see fan saying saying well Whitney and buddy where together furs and it's like we were like you know. We slept together. I but we didn't have a relationship buddy and heather had. Hey Long I think it was three year like relationships so Yeah she got about that and so that was the end of that and nothing ever happened with me. Buddy not ever again are so heather still going to be featured in show this season still. Yes okay yeah absolutely yeah she just put the put the Kabosh on. Yeah we didn't do that again. And so how did you meet your fiance. So I actually met him. So in the premier You saw kind of the first time or one of the first times alone together. I'm actually met him on New Year's Eve of last year and we weren't shooting at that time time so there were no cameras around. But I go out for New Year's Eve Party with my business partner Ryan who is chase's friend and chase was there and I thought he was like it's funny because I thought he was really cool. Really cute and I had said to Ryan Before I got to the apartment I said like is he single and I don't think he'd want to date him and I was like but I thought it was really cool really cute and we went to this New Year's Eve party and Ryan dates kept introducing chased ace to all of her single friends. All of her like skinny single friends and.

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