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That was the case in the mail according to the journal fisherman's voice falling overboard is the leading cause of fatalities among lobstermen Jason said that day he discovered the will to survive as a powerful instinct here's Jason talking with math host Peter quero Jason great job tonight how do you feel tonight's was kind of like stress because I've never done this before I've never I've gotten up on stage I'm a lobsterman I I have never gotten up on stage and spoke in front of I think it was over a thousand people here I've never done that before so it was just it is unique and interesting experience and I am glad that I was here to be able to do that and tell my story I guess one question I was gonna ask was can you describe what make a perfect moment on the boat is like if if you can think of misty mountain morning did you watch the sun come up over the horizon and it reflects off the clouds down and across the water and just looks like the heavens are shutting down and when it's calm and peaceful and it's just so real you know it's it's just it's the perfect time and also of course we were catching lobsters is is also a good moment when we all natural you never know what's gonna come up in those traps you know I have the experience last year of catching an albino lost which is a white lobster which is of one in a million chances of catching and you never know what you're gonna get a what what is gonna happen that day.

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