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Your riot hall third round o kale, and I can't figure out what the hell is going on. You're right hall 'cause he'll pull this out whenever he wants he just chooses not to he can't. That's the problem, mentally, he can't do it. Like if he asked to find he's one of those guys who go to a restaurant in look at the menu for like, twelve hours. He's that guy until he finds like the perfect combination for his meal. No, he's not he's he's the guy who goes in. And he goes to the same restaurant every damn week and he gets a burger, but guess what he's going to go the next week. Look at the menu for twelve hours. Like, you said at the end of looking at the menu, guess what he's going to get the burger you can only do one thing. There's no other choice. Like, you're good at one thing being aggressive and throwing wild fucking strikes in action people out when you don't it's ridiculous. The does nothing else. Choose from. He's never going to get the salad. He doesn't win decisions because he doesn't throw enough because he wakes for the perfect opportunity to counter like if you watch every single one of his vice even that highlight reel roundhouse kick on the ultimate fighter was essentially account off of a fake like everything to me. Yeah. Like everything he does is built off with the other person. Does in him finding the perfect opportunity throw. It's it's almost Adrian Brunner esque where he throws like one punch at a time because he thinks that's going to be the one. And that's always been my problem with your iheart. He's never going to get past this. He's never going to get past. He's never gonna put together punches. It's a mental block. There's nothing he can do to fix it. This is it. Me. Brightly for that too. And then chat Mendez get starched in his fight. Volkogonov skeet, which is nineteen to one ten minutes was rank faith in the division Alexander's skyrocketing of those rankings right out here, man. I'm invoking off like when I saw him before. Like, you knew what it was like I picked him to be mended life. You people that you're picking it'd be Mendez. Like, absolutely like have you seen this guy fight? He's a tank, and I figured it was going to be a great fight. And it was it was a great great fight. But looking he's just he's guy. He's not too far away from a title shot. Let's put it like that. He is not far away. Like, you'll probably find somebody else in the upper echelons of the featherweight division in beeline for title shot and chat Mendez ticks that loss and calls it a career yet, which is a smart move by Mendez, and then featherweight it looks real interesting. So people are calling for, you know, the chance to move up to lightweight and all that stuff. There's a lot of young guys still there for them for him to get tested. By you look at Alexander. You look be there. There's some guys there who can legit give Holloway some problems to that. That's going to be interesting to see how that plays out over the next year. Allaire Latifi lose Corey Anderson. Corey Anderson has nine lives to always pull these things out of nowhere. So okay. Sure. I think he gets right to this next fight..

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