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And obviously with the wet pitch you slide through and I touched them. But that's what ball JJ. Correct me if I'm wrong didn't didn't your Klopp have something to say about players sliding and recklessly on what pitches over the weekend. He said, you you have to be absolutely careful. The rectory should have a word and. Days later, his own guy is lucky to avoid it. It's incredible. I'm we pointed out the hypocrisy of talking about wet pitches. And sliding tacos when really if you if Klopp was asked and every manager was asked, well, we're going to remove the sliding tackle on a wet night. They would just look at you with such disdain. So I don't know. I don't think vandyck went to heart trees Martin's he went. But he definitely caught him. It was actually it just goes to show you the grey areas that we operate within the game. There can be a grid taco which can also be a foul. It's just the way it is. And by the way, to like, he he specifically mentions how he's not going in there to try to hurt him. Ok well, that's fine. Good like, that's what you should do. But that doesn't mean that you will void read like not every red card offence is because somebody was intentionally trying to hurt someone else. It can still by accident. Absolutely. That just rings hollow to me. So he might have been a little bit fortunate. I don't know I saw that. And I was like I wonder what your Klopp is taking he's hearing his players. Say about you know, sliding on what pitches just very funny to me. But you do survive they move on. And you must have been where you just like breathing into a bag at the end of that just I it is partially covered. It's strange like I said for for seventy five percent of that game. I was so comfortable, and I just expected Liverpool to get that second goal for the game to Peter out somewhat. But the longer it went on I got really worried and actually when I saw it come on because you know, I'm fine of Napoli and he's not the most prolific goal scorer. But I thought it would be just our look if gyco pops up just like him physical with a bit of size gets into the box gets a break. He'll he'll stop one home. And that'll be it. And I won't be able to contain my frustration. When I saw it play out in front of me. Now look Callahan. We should mention oh my God. Oh, my words. You're talking about MRs undelivered booth site Carlo Ancelotti must be. What could you say to me? I kinda haunt himself must be devastated. But how he's missed that. I do not know, I I guess it bobbled up our I guess he expected Robertson to make a play on the ball. But that is one of the all-time MRs on it's one that's going to haunt Napoli. Probably more than the Milic this. Save by Alison for Milic. Yeah. Well, it was a European night at Anfield which means Liverpool have to win. It's in the rule book. And so. So we moved from that to a different rule book right one, which typically does not end the way that this one did Tottenham somehow, they do it. It's being termed as what mission impossible, and they have come through and they managed to escape the group stage and are into the knockout round after a one one draw in Barcelona, Mike, God JJ, I texted you at one point. And I said, well, it's just like the height of non Spurs Innis for Tottenham to lose to Barcelona, but then enter to also lose to PSV. And then as soon I couldn't have been more than fifteen minutes after I sent that that inter then scored to equalize with PSV, and we thought okay. Well, now things are normalizing in the world wants more. But no, it's funny JJ how kind of random figures just in can insert their name into history in the blink of an eye like Lucas Moore has turned out to be a good player for Spurs. But you know, he's not Cain. He's not Ericsson. And now he's a name that will live on forever for them. Yeah. I it was just so stunning to me. Because like you said you expected to play out a certain way. I mean, you were back and forth. Texting? No. I wasn't watching it..

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