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Worker shirts gloves and cloaks are if you wanna buy quote i we'd like to get something that is brown muted nothing gaudy probably don't have that anyway your choices much brown black and gray so we get on that one call the heavy princeton for denver cloak six hundred gold pieces falls under would be general common causes the cost to silver okay i have that for banker between them should heed doing scholz exactly look what season is it are we north is gonna get cold cold cold further north you go yeah and this area is pretty chilly especially since you're getting towards the end of fall almost harvest close in two weeks so you're hitting winter in the very near future and you would know this to snowfall is fairly common throughout the winter here can you pick me up earmuffs of course i can do that ask for the size that they have and i get a woollen cap as well for both of those together once yeah okay are you going to take your ears and then just like roll up as a detail.

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