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They don't have any coach what's the other? And they haven't been on hard knocks in the last five years, whatever it might be. I think the Rooney family probably has something to say about that. Hey, Roger executive producers of heart fucking. Yeah. All of our secrecy away. The whole thing is crazy. All right. Next up. We have a new segment alert Hank do news. So this one we're gonna call blueprint busters. And this happens often on on Twitter and online where the blueprint comes out for either team or how to build the team, whatever it may be we've figured it out. They've cracked the code all you gotta do is x y and z and you can win a championship. So the blueprint BUSTER that has been the hot one has been this stat that people are tweeting out that the top six paid quarterbacks in the NFL this year. None of them made the playoffs. Okay. Shouldn't pay a good quarterback. Yes. Don't pay quarterback. Okay. So and then the busting part is we actually looked into it a little bit. And so it's Aaron Rodgers thirty three and a half million dollars. Matt Ryan thirty million dollars Kirk cousins twenty eight Jimmy G twenty seven and a half injured. Matt Stafford twenty seven million Derek Carr twenty five twenty five million five thousand Aaron Rodgers most. Overpaid athlete and more. They're getting. Yeah. Do convenient part about this entire stat. Was the fact that number seven is drew Brees who gets paid five thousand dollars less than Derek Carr. So you're telling me five thousand dollars has made the difference in the roster building in Oakland. That's like gas money for year. Yeah. Andrew luck is like fifty thousand dollars less than Derek Carr. So he's number seven for af also made the playoffs. And then there's Russ Wilson. Phil rivers Tom Brady in the eagles QB's combined all being paid over twenty million dollars. So not that much of a dip. You're not counting all the like bitcoin payments that could've Tom Brady though. Yeah. So essentially the entire theory that you should just draft the young quarterback in never pay a quarterback makes no sense because half of the playoffs are quarterbacks paid twenty million dollars or more. And the essentially they're saying don't and Matt Ryan who was paid second. Most had his best year. Look at his numbers. He had like this year four like Devia way. Not to get nerdy. Whoa. What he had all the Goodyear. Well, so essentially the argument that people are tweeting out that you shouldn't pay quarterback boils down to just don't pay her cousins or Matt Stafford that works behind any stat that gets that conclusion I actually did some digging on my own, okay. Check this out. So we've learned that you don't pay quarterbacks, you know, who you should pay. Yeah. Take a guess what position? Do you think you should pay? Offense, one kicker strong safeties five out of the top six paid strong. Safeties are in the playoffs regarding numbers one and two Eric barren Kam chancellor, so it's even better if you're paying guys that are injured. Yeah. If you can pay an injured strong safety twelve million dollars a year. That's your tickets making play here, we go. So we just busted that because PF tedious throughout that stat. That is equally is the staff people are throwing who get you an injured buck safety. I love it too that they're like Aaron Rodgers, Matt. Right. Would you are you saying the Packers shouldn't have paid it Aaron Rodgers? Yeah trash. Yeah. Wasting NJIT Chevy Chee. could been redistributed told they're many owners the argument is not you should draft a young quarterback and build your team around young quarterback salary. Because like we said half of the playoffs are not that case. The argument is don't give Kirk cousins shitload of money, which you really didn't even have to tweet that to prove. I could've told you that four years ago, we could've just we could've showed you game tape from Sunday. Then like, hey, guys, don't pay Matt Stafford a ton of money don't pay her cousins, you know, what the real crime is paying Kirk cousins eighty four million dollars. I'll tell you what it is. It's not that he sucks these never gonna win. You Super Bowl is that he's going to take all that money. And he's going to spend it in the lamest ways possible. Yeah. He's not even going to do anything cool with this money to I could not as manny's jars in his side yard, even his backyard..

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