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Pete lau i i i need help him we're just was arthur in march i'll tell you talked about i'll talk about folks that they'll see what i can do for worldwide before you go to learn seconds was staying is grosses he makes himself out to be on the field yes i've seen it no no i'm not the i've seen it with my own eyes obscene this man to do some up in a little bit already want to share with you and do the girl thank you thank you so much for hanging out with us this morning enjoy it have a great time there this week and definitely have fun at the game upi welcome back to first things first eric mangini is resumed zou man gene you tonight he weird to bring him in guy tell you how awesome our guests are my little one quinn turns three on sunday combat super bowl sunday and i and stephanie is gone for a month i i mentioned that i am all alone and i'm stressed guess who offered to come by and watch my girls the entire day so i can focus on this new era mandy is i don't believe that i'm off ten th avenue sindhis sindarius i do not like a lot of work and childcare inside business but they watch as well or at least the different way i got to get the other one fix okay oh really a coach among the many talked about topics discussed super bowl week and there's everything the match up is a big one boy reporters will find anything to match up super bowl week the players the trainers the uniforms pets nicknames deliverance literally anything this morning we are going to match up the coaches and one is bill bella check who will be coaching in his tenth super bowl on sunday the other is doug peterson who was coaching louisiana high school football 10 years ago peterson addressed going up against one of the greatest coaches in football history obviously a challenge go begins.

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