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She said usaid said above 344 sentences to be exact said allies now i am i do that she said add she went up in smoke in fact the whole shack went up in smoke when it was over elias was standing on the hill looking down at the cottage feeling like he levelled up as a scientist it was an all logic and deduction sometimes you had to use your imagination and he'd out hey who was coming out of the cottage thought allies it was his friends and they were running out coming to congratulate him they were so excited magget foggy had picked up finn page volley in abigail and were flying up the hill alah oh yes there were all yelling guys i did it he yelled back can you believe it i didn't i saved the entire putt but then what was that coming out of the cottage behind them it looked like a giant black bird darting out of the door and up the hill elias finn yelled again i i i stop the witches what's going on under foggy flipped fit onto his back and dove down grabbing elias before soaring on what is going on guys have elias the winds now picking up in roaring in his ears as they flew off i defeated the three witches yeah cried violent but remember how the three which is would reveal the grand high which violate turned and look behind them there she is we gotta go back get mrs jenkins civilize sounds great you'll valet just shrugged off i'm sure so.

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