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The convention of the hero who travels into the world of the dead is called Cotabato says, it comes from the Greek word meaning to descend in this type of story a hero journeys into the underworld to retrieve some sacred object a journey that proves the heroes mythic status by showing their ability to overcome death itself. Any Greek character who wanted to achieve this feat I had to contend with Cerberus who was tasked not only with keeping the dead in but also with keeping the living out orpheus the renowned musician who traveled to the underworld to retrieve his beloved eurydice. was able to put cerberus to sleep by playing him a Lullaby the hero aeneas slipped past him by offering him drug flour and the Roman heroin psyche offered him barley cakes but by far, the most famous hero to defeat cerberus is herrick lease. Herrick lease also known by his Roman name Hercules was a Demi God who often came up against setbacks and insurmountable odds in order to atone for murderous rampage caused by the Goddess Hera Hera cleese was forced to carry out ten heroic deeds at the behest of his scheming cousin Uresti us. In the course of these deeds herrick lease ended up defeating several of a kid as monstrous. Including the NIIMI in Lyon who we've discussed in a previous episode of mythical monsters of the tasks that heracles faced none were more imposing than the capture of cerberus of feet, which represented nothing less than defeating death itself. Herrick lease began his journey in Elusiveness, not only for the practical purpose of learning the way to the underworld. But in order to show his position in relation to the God's The L. U. Simeon mysteries were one of the only egalitarian cults in Greek society anyone could participate and those who did were often impressed with the awesome and terrifying power of the Gods. The second century philosopher Plutarch describes the mysteries as terrors, shuddering fear and amazement. pericles participation in the rituals positions him as an ordinary mortal. When he embarked on his journey, it was as a conquering hero who had already defeated eleven monsters including three of services siblings. His participation in the mysteries is a ceremonial way of acknowledging that despite his success he is not a god he will enter the underworld as an ordinary man fighting alone against a realm of horrors beyond.

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