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So it was a couple of my aunts. My cousin. So by the way, shot out to my aunt Renee, who loves to always be like, this is my niece. Andrea Rene, despite the fact that I'm not I don't have my middle name because of her next credit anyway, I love her. She's great. And she instilled in me, the bargain shopping thriftiness that I have by taking me to yard sales as a kid. She would always hit yard sales on the weekends. And I love shopping at yard sales garage sales. And so that's where I get a lot of my thriftiness from we were all together with her or with her daughters, my cousins and her sister. And there was a bunch of us, ladies, and we were like pouring over the paper adds because as much as all mine shopping has permeated our culture, I love love looking at the paper girl. Do you want to someone else because I've gotten signed up for every single fucking catalog known to mankind? I don't know how it happens yet. It's if you put your address in forums online, they have it and they start Marable shit. Don't forget about we're gonna these companies one is an all men's where. Yeah. No. Because they sell your address among the whole file of companies that they are stupid. What makes you think here? Oh, the electron IX, isn't it? You've been typecast for sure they're like, oh, she plays video games there. So we were looking over all the ads drinking horn shot. That's. We technically were drinking rum Chata, which is rum in Johta, which is delicious. But if you've never. And we were getting drunk looking at the as then my grandfather being the responsible one was like let me drive you to the. Aena? He dropped us. All he dropped us all off. And this was when they open the mall at midnight. And it was just.

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