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This is actually call your listen into Chelsea Mike. Thank you so much Chelsea. F. C for setting up that interview with milly bright obviously. We've mentioned several times. We are the official Chelsea F. C podcasts, and with that comes tremendous access to both men's and women's side, and really bright, an example of that and I hope we get to talk to more of these champions on this podcast, because I feel really bad that they didn't get the proper celebration, they truly deserve Chris. Yeah, it was really funny to hear the stories of well. We're dishonor. Zoom call and. And the manager comes on, and says well your champions like that s to be both kind of the most memorable way to win a title, because it's just so atypical indifferent, but also the most anti climactic like yeah, you get, go crazy in your house, but that's not I. Imagine on the day that Chelsea Clinton title. They would've gotten a full house at Wimbledon stadium. Maybe they might have even gone to the bridge for a game if they were to clinch the title and had a proper celebration especially. Especially the year after the women's World Cup after they built all that momentum in England for the women's game, that Chelsea champion would have drawn some real attention and press, and the fact didn't get that opportunity has to be a real bummer. Exciting things happening with that women's Club, too, because much like the men's side. Chelsea are spending on the women's side as well loading up for what is now a champions. League run next season eight. We didn't even get to see Sam Kerr really all that much this season. season, who's men or women one of the most prolific goalscorers in the world today? So I got same Kerr Jersey I'm desperate to watch them Sam Kerr on this woman side. Let's turn our attention to the FA. Cup tied now a time of recording. Obviously, we're GONNA miss. Fifteen league games in the matter of like twelve hours lesser city among them. Let's table the league table discussion for here and concentrate on the FA Cup and then possibly poor one out about the couple of cups. That's right the Karabakh. We have sad news to report when it comes, sued the number one tournament in all of club football. We'll get to that in the moment, but right now is on the prize. Chelsea are live in the FA, Cup they are taking on lesser city. This is at Leicester. City. This is going to be a tricky a tricky fixture right here, but lesser city have been really struggling Chris before the break and after the break. Obviously they come back and venture scores that amazing goal against Wofford, but then they concede a few minutes later and their recent. Recent form now it's Kinda hard when you're thinking about something. That's three months old, but since the turn of the year I mean you go back to when they beat Southampton nine nil and when they were really flying, there's a moment where they're actually pretty close to Liverpool in the league table, and this is the surprise of the season, and it's just kind of phone off a little bit. There's been some injuries and I think we talked about the little bit on the last episode when it comes to wolves where they're starting eleven their first. First choice eleven is as good as there is in the Premier League you think of Sh- Michael and chill and chew and.

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