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Could have died in a head on collision. That story's coming up from Ed Wallace with a moment of rock'n'roll history. 7 55. And right now it's 7 41, David Amy on K L I f Glad to have you with us this morning. One of my favorite stories that I remembered what I've talked about it. I've said it here before, but Many years ago before Costco was Costco is called The Price Club, and that was during the time before the end of the Soviet Union. So there was an exchange student deal with the University of Berkeley and they had a bunch of college students. From the Soviet Union who were getting ready to go back home. And so a professor took them all to the price club. If you know his Costco before they went home. They must have been quite the experience with blew their minds. It totally blew their minds, 11, Russian kid told newspaper reporter. He said. Was very weird to go from a country where you can't buy toilet paper to one where you have to buy 36 rolls of the time, but Costco maybe looking a little bear these days. Yeah, There's another shortage and there's nothing you can do about it. You can't stock up for this. There's a shortage of shipping containers. So that means limited supplies of cheese, seafood, olive oil furniture, You name it. That's from the Costco CFO Richard Galanti, But it's not just Costco lot of retailers facing shipping delays, according to today, there's been an unprecedented level of consumer demand during the pandemic. And this surge in demand, combined with the lack of empty shipping containers and congestion at ports has resulted in a significant stress on the supply chain, especially for the retail industry. You get a real appreciation for the whole shipping industry. When you go through the Oh, my gosh. Before a port of port O any port, you know, right? That's for sure. Um, this is a weird story. Artificial intelligence can predict with up to 90% accuracy if somebody is going to die Rum Cove in 19 before they even get the disease. How would you like to get that print out? No, thanks. Computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience by using collected data. Was found to be able to predict the risks, said the different stages of illness. Including not yet infected. The AI model predicted risk of death of different stages at diagnosis at hospital admission and in the ICU. Out of the 3900 and 44 patients who were tracked. 324 died of Cove it the menu die. We're all between 73 87. They clear signs of high blood pressure and be a my impacting the results. And some of the top risk features. They said. Well, yes, people with high blood pressure and and, uh, obese people. But besides that Markers of shock and organ dysfunction in ICU patients rather so if If you are prone to those things that was also a top risk. Teacher. You know, this would be great for the insurance industry, I suppose. But I don't think See this guy They call those people who predict things. Uh, CASS technical words. It's not a difficult word. But E can't think of any of my brain is still on vacation. I think Is Andrew Have the word andr has the word Just turn on the mike on my profit? What profit? No, no, no, no, no, no. Actuary. Thank you screaming at the radio Actuary Actuary. Thank you so much. 7 45 K l I f Let's take another look at traffic..

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