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I was so gross. I hate about Jonathan Vincentians. Disgusting Cake made of his Disgusting Phase APEC member. Looks like looks like Annabel. Okay and finally only Laura Pre pon and her youtube channel. The one that looks like she's like in the bunker. She's hiding out incredible. Who Will Win this year? Maybe we'll get to try some free food you know. Send us some of their food. Okay here's tomato opening up and the winner is Adrian. Bylaws Tuna Sandwich dipped in Peru Poland. My God hugh moments of the year actually well deserving. Well did a big year. We tried one. This it was. This guy was on my singer. She won the award for best food. Who of the year? Big Year for Asian Bylaw huge. Three big things all right. Let's move on the next to me is for are best. Nepotism another new category K.. Potiskum is let's announced the nominees for best nepotism twenty nineteen. The nominees are Jordan McGraw. Aw Patrick Schwarzenegger eligible to Maya Hawk. Duke Nicholson Jake. Volley Taller Cook Maroney and Laurie Harvey so many people giving a leg up by their family. There we're just so many more it's honestly and if this exhaustive list you're out of your mind it's all nepotism here anti your mind. There's so much we know where this came from. And the winner of the WHO me for best nepotism goes to. Oh my goodness. The whom for best nepotism goes to Lauri Harvey.

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