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Guy my if i looked at a race i was betting the race and it didn't matter if i didn't have a good opinion on it if the race wasn't good or anything like that as i get older now it seems like it's easier to just be like this is just not not one. I think i need to spend much more time on and stuff like that. Yeah that's so funny. You say i always exactly the same action jackson. When you're twenty five hit the late. Take five the back in the day when there wasn't a pick five in the late pick four at At santa anita. I'm looking up. And i'm like what else is aspera. Oh what's a low meals. Do that little ball moral harnessed coming up or the degenerates general level at at saratoga going from utah to the to the harness. You know Passage man i would. I think it's i think people help but it best. It's saratoga. During the day it's pinellas for dinner which is right around the corner degree italian place and then you go over to Eager to to harness for the The completion of the The general double so But but it's funny like yeah. I did the same thing. Just look to play something else. Where for me. I don't yeah. I think it's it's age or just when you understand and see a process work like that's how it was for me. I think athletically. And also in in what i do for a living like once see we see a success where you had to do something and and show discipliners show restraint that starts to play more to the positive and i think almost look forward to those situations where i can walk away so i think it's a bit of age but i think it's also experience to see what what works what. Yeah i find. Think if i remember you work in the financial industry right. Yeah if you if you wanted to mention that or not but what. I'm saying i've gotten into that a little bit more just in getting older and actually having some money but you really but you're right about the process. Pardon to some degree. I look at that. It's funny because i look at it such as a long game right like a bad day. Whatever it's gonna you know twenty years from now it's going to go up and i really look at all like that but with horse racing. I very much thought of it as a day to day. Thing like okay. I'm down one hundred and fifty. Today i got it. How do i get back to even even knowing. There's a full slate tomorrow. There's a full slate today after that but there was always this urgency to like you know for the day the short term. That was the number that was important when it's not. Yeah and and one thing. I said that people in in in the game of life. You should never play it. There's always a tomorrow. He should worry about today and they gave a force racing. There's always tomorrow around. It's like almost the opposite of just you know why. Why throw of really good part of your bankroll at something that you barely looked at. I give it full process and now have many rules. I would say. I have more of like a you know a process of how i do things and if i don't go through a full process i'm not gonna put significant money towards anything and i think that's helped. It's it's kind of built. Its way in almost as a force discipline to To hold onto your bank will not so just you know. Continue just to chase or or even just you know. Action plays where you're playing more than what you had handicapped. You know early on the day. So almost things. I think it's over time. It's just like anything else and i think at the same in my career where you learn things over time and you just you know you. The key is paying attention right. You pay attention the start to understand those situations and you and your brain smart. Your brain will trigger when you're about to do something stupid and then you step away from now living up there. How different is the town. When racing is going on versus where. There's because i know a lot of like racing people ramon dominguez there can. There's so many people that have kind of moved up to saratoga year round. Yeah it's It's it's been a busier place in general I would say the the housing market the last five years has just gone straight up A lot of brand new developments built around here so the population itself in saratoga county which can't get confusing like you go on one side of saratoga lake here in a different town right. You go the other side of the track. You're almost in a different towns. It's kind of weird but if you look at saratoga. County has certainly expanded So it's it's You know. I wouldn't say it's a crowded place. It certainly It's growing in poppulation but when the track opens It's tough you know when you call a. Place for reservation and they laugh and say you should call this last week. that that's the kind of environment. Sometimes that you run into but it's not it's not like to the point where it's it's it's crazy Annoying it's just. There's a lot of people that come into town. And and it's not the biggest town overall. So it does get a little congested. So that's why you gotta keep buddies with foreign until he can get you into those spots. -actly exactly i call. Call call the friends. And see where i can get into. You know the the the the no vase of the world you know so but Yeah it's but it's fun though that's it's it's brings in so many people that i've gotten to know over the years and nothing's better like in the next couple of weeks. You know folks that have never been the saratoga Are coming in so to me. That's always exciting to be able to show show them around and show them the experience so So yeah it does get a bit busy but it's also wanna fun to maverick bulgy joining us here on the program. I got to go up there for two days and lived up to the hype. I was i i honestly went in there. Especially you know. I'm a west coast. Honk so i'm always a fan of my sammy's my dumb ours. And i almost didn't want it to like it as much as i did but it completely lived up to the the billing matt. How are you first. Exposed to horse racing was. Did you grow up in that area. No no and it's it's really funny. So i you mentioned Before we started about Playing hockey playing hockey and betting horses were two things that not a single person in my family ever did so i feel like i go to the path that no one has traveled on How those seem to vary like everybody that is involved in most of those. It's because family was involved in a to. Those are two very odd things to gravitate to alone. Yeah it's it's funny. It's you know. I got into hockey. Because i hated talker and my dad was like well. I don't know what to do and and our neighbor was like well. You know my kids just started playing hockey seem to like it. And you're gonna guess sure. Where do i go. So that's all just kind of plain simple there and and with horse racing you know with an assist from hockey. i'll say So i went to school at union college and upstate new york and Just south west of of saratoga and you know one of the you know million jobs that i had growing up I worked for a roofing company one summer and i was living with a with a few Hockey buddies of mine and one weekend One of my one of my buddies was like..

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